Why do things take soon Long?

Boy what a drag its been pursuing the red tape brigade around. Think someone should get hold of the inventor and wrap him from head to toe in the bleeding stuff! 🙂   Our original  1-2 year plan on renting is now into its third year, THIRD year!! where did that disappear to? Anyways having spent much of the last year just preparing the paperwork trail required for “Owner Building” (OW), Jon giving up every hour INCL Christmas to draw plans, schedule, estimate and get us certified *NOT IN THAT SENSE readers..although come the end of the build please be sure to ask if we are still anywhere close to sane.-We submitted applications, documents, proof of capability (thankfully one of us is actually capable-*love you Jon) and then the final shire approval which fell on a long weekend… which over here is pretty much most weekends & always clumped together… GOD the Aussies will use any old excuse for a party…*NOT complaining 🙂    To be fair the system here is pretty good, everyone has their own little job and when and if you get all your ducks in line, You are Off..

We are indeed off!  The footings happened last week and due to another YES u guessed it long weekend for Anzac Day our slab was scheduled for yesterday. It rained..then it didn’t ..then it did so there went our slab down party. The lads are not easily put off and this morning bright & early were there with a lovely big red concrete crane slurping great big dollops of lovely slab mix onto our plot. Of course it then rained- ALOT… Im into over drive worrying about if it will fail, will it slop everywhere, will it have to be re done?? maybe I should phone Jon? *takes deep breath, calms oneself- I am sure everyone knows what they are doing, after all over here every man has his job. Each contractor does just his own job, then passes the torch to the next and so on. I even resisted the urge to go look at what was happening, I don’t want to be one of these neurotic over zealous freaks.. * you needn’t comment on that dad-although I did cheat a bit and looked out the kids bedroom window. But if I am this concerned over a bit of concrete, god help me for the rest.

One thing is for sure though, I will be having that slab party.. true Aussie style……….  Bottoms up


One thought on “Why do things take soon Long?

  1. It looks like your first blog. Take another look at the title. What does “soon Long” mean? The local Chinese takeaway? Read what you write. I am very pleased that something is finally happening and totally in sympathy with the trials and tribulations of defeating bureaucracy to actually get something done. I have learnt the first law of bureaucracy. It is better to seek forgiveness afterwards than permission before. However that may not apply to building as it is much more diligently policed than most codes. And the neighbours can dob you in. Good luck with the build. I thought tradition had it that the first celebration in a project was when the roof went on, but I see you are determined to ‘wet’ every stage.


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