What goes on beneath?

BullAnt_02 I am positive that any true blue Aussies & visited UK’ers know instantly who this little fella is.. For those who have been lucky enough never to tread too close to a nest of these, Its a Bull ant, 1-2 inches in length with large spiky mandibles visible to the eye as they sink deep into your flesh and leave you with a burning swollen red bite as a deterrent to STEP AWAY & STAY AWAY!! It was as I was passing several of these nests (quickly & carefully) along my favourite walking route my thoughts for this weeks post emerged. You see several years ago I watched a fascinating documentary on an ant mound found and filled with concrete.Three days it took to pour gallon after gallon of concrete in to the structure and weeks to uncover the mega structure that lay beneath the dusty red soil. Its really a huge feat of engineering for such little creatures, how hard they must have worked- then abandoned it?.

This is similar to what has been happening on our plot the last week, Not a lot of visual above ground evidence but huge advancements under the surface. The ground has been dug up, all sewers are in and connected, pipes made ready to be connected up top, electrical cabling has been laid, we are due another visit from our busy Bobcat Terry to scrape back the disturbance & mounds of sand generated…its funny how we can always find a lovely “Terry” to come help us out.  See just like busy ants 🙂  and generally we have had it prepared for the Brick & window delivery. (The metal window & door frames go in with the brick at build stage here, with glazing going in at lock up stage).

I am getting excited with each and every little step made You know what they say..

“onwards and upwards”.. that comes next 🙂


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