After the flurry of underground workings last week, This week we can actually see some of the physical structures that will make our home. It all started out well at the weekend with Terry Bobcat scraping back the excess sand, rubble and bits before taking it all away -which to some may *sounds simples*  but in reality is a mammoth task with each load carrying around 10 tons, and an hour n half round trip to the tip.

Almost every day we have had something delivered to site, All the downstairs window frames were dropped off Monday. As were the huge pile of Lintels shown below- there are only actually 15 there we have the other 17 to transport from home.. ;-(  Jon grabbed our door frames Tuesday from the suppliers and delivered them to site with the use of my EKE and a borrowed trailer. ( EKE is the Prado) 🙂 IMG_3738

Thursday we took delivery of the most important bit.. The ENORMOUS “Minecraft” shaped square blocks of bricks all ready for our lovely Brickie to start on next Wednesday.. Maddison had  pointed out whilst on the way to school yesterday, “It would be so much easier if houses were as simple to build as they are in Minecraft & Sims”!!  Have to say I wholeheartedly agree with her and pointed out they will probably be “printing” out houses when she is old enough to purchase a home..Anyway the first delivery came before seven Thursday morning-As I passed again at 1.30pm they were arriving with another double lorry load of MORE bricks! Jon called past @ 3pm and got collared into conversation with the driver still there unloading. There are a total of FIFTEEN THOUSAND bricks- Ten thousand downstairs and around Five thousand upstairs. The red bricks are internals with some externals for the front, which will later be covered in Acrylic render (or normal render depending how over budget we get).. and the lighter cream limestone ones with the gorgeous pink blush are the external face bricks that will be visible round the sides and to the back of the house.

Onwards and finally… UPWARDS 🙂




3 thoughts on “Deliverance:

  1. Hi K8 & Jon, It must be exciting for you to have started building your own house. You and Jon have built heaps of things, but I reckon your own home is different and you get true satisfaction in seeing the progress every day, well almost every day. For me with all timber construction, doing the framing was a blast as I could do a wall or two in a day and it took shape quite fast. Then putting the roof on was great. Traditionally in OZ, the time to celebrate was when the roof was on. Called wetting the roof, but I gather you intend celebrating many more milestones along the way. Then came many slow periods, like framing the windows. I had scoured all the secondhand shops in the area for clear glass, wood frame windows for a year before. It was amazing the percentage of dimple glass windows, but who wants to live in a beautiful place without being able to see out? Mostly $3 a window, $5 for big ones. Then the house was designed around the windows, but every frame was different and had to be accurate. Can’t bend glass to fit.
    I hope you really enjoy the build as I did. Though I was plagued with red tape back in the day.


    1. Ours has been built around our furniture. 😉 having bought New here we made the rooms fit! They hardly use timber framing over here, you can count the number on one hand that go up- WA populations like “traditional” brick n concrete construction.. It was one of the things we looked into as a speedier build, but resale would have been an issue. Especially being 350m from the beach still! You can add a couple of 00’s to the cost of your window frames 😁. They are coastal aluminium coated things .

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