Just keep building…

Last Wednesday saw our Brickies start on the build. Its not my ideal job, although the weather is normally dry and pleasant to work outdoors in. The average Brickie starts somewhere between 6 am and 7am and works through till they have had enough, it rains or roughly 2.30pm. Thats when its tools down and the beers come out before home. The first part is setting out- marking the floors for door ways walls and generally into the shape of the house,you can see this on the photos of the floor above. Then they start outer walls first before moving onto the internal course later, which is when they add the insulation too! After two days work the boys had made a pretty good start.

The door frame visible behind Jon & Nathan is the external garage door,the window will be the laundry room. The two narrow windows are in the lounge and our TV will go nestled nicely in the recess between eventually. The limestone bricks are our choice in a colour called “pippindinny”, I tried and failed to show my dad Neil the effect last time we Face-timed so this ones specially for you. πŸ™‚

Im really pleased with progress, it should take four days for the outer shell, four days for the inner and then finishing off to wall plate height a few more days. Three weeks and fingers crossed it will be starting to look like a shape?. The only problem now is…Its going to rain and rain ALOT, with winds expected and massive sea swells. If the walls are still standing Sunday we should be good.

On that note I might just head outside and batten down the hatches before tonight πŸ™‚


One thought on “Just keep building…

  1. I love building things. It is real work. Shuffling papers, the lot of most people, leaves nothing into the future except another pile of papers just the same next morning. Enjoy.


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