After last Friday nights storm front we awoke and tentatively went to inspect the damage. Would we find our walls now aspiring to be pavers?, would the site rubbish be all over the street with an angry mob of neighbours vowing for our blood?.. We were spared and luckily also again the following Sunday night when another front pushed up from the south bringing stronger winds and torrential downpours. Some of our friends & other people who sent in photos to the Mandurah Mail this week were not so lucky, with Trampolines sent flying into neighbouring pools and fences down all across the area, Clear up was defiantly needed as is the rain but when your Brickie is trying to get something done-Its not the best of weather. Despite all this the days have remained reasonably bright, sunny and warm with most days being 20*c. The Brickies have cracked on so well and we have ceiling height in some places. We opted for high ceilings to give us a stylish light and airy finish, and boy are they high 31 course high even with Jon’s hand held up above his head there is masses of wall above.

We have been spending again this week,We have even purchased the kitchen sinks!!           We have purchased an alarm system with cameras and sensors. Living in a city does have its disadvantages and there is little an alarm will do, we know this but as a deterrent… We need a BIG jock off dog , but all in good time! Its also a smart system that has an app (what doesn’t these days?) all of this can be connected and controlled up to the air conditioning smart pads in the house too. Come the beginning of June, I will need to be constantly at home we have that many things due for delivery.

Next week will be more bricking.. & probably more spending, I have sent my resumes out all week fingers crossed I get a Job to help cover all this 🙂  otherwise we might have to sell the children’s kidneys, one from each child x 5 children @ $3000 a kidney should cover something……


One thought on “Alarming?

  1. Sounding good, although I’m shocked at your lack of vision. Kidneys are not the only paired organs, and even the liver regenerates if part of it is donated.
    I agree with you about alarms; if they’re the audible-only type, i.e. the bell on the wall, they serve only to annoy the neighbours. Nobody rings the police until it’s been sounding for at least 20 minutes, and the police tend not to prioritise this type of alarm, 98% of which are false alarms. The type that’s monitored at a remote station is slightly more effective, as in most cases a preset level of police response has been agreed. You could get lucky if a police patrol happens to be nearby, is currently not otherwise committed, has finished his coffee and doughnuts, and is feeling bored enough to want something to do. Good luck with that. Add to all this the fact that you and all your family have to remember the alarm arm/reset codes and procedures, and remember to use them, checking first that either everyone’s upstairs for the night/the house is empty/no lizards are going to trigger it, etc, oh yes, you’ll also need to remember a separate password for the alarm company for those nights when you stumble home in shall we say a relaxed state, fumble with your keys, and fail to disarm the alarm within the allotted time. Having said all that, insurance companies are more likely to allow reduced premiums if you have an alarm fitted. Mostly so that they can then refuse your claim on the grounds that you failed to set the alarm properly. The cameras should help too, in determining if the intruders are fashionable enough to coordinate their hoods with the rest of their outfits. But then you knew all this, as you said…and much more succinctly. Your idea of a dog sounded good though. Not many crooks think to bring some steak laced with sedatives.


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