Still Bricking…

Well its been a funny old week, our lovely Brickie is still on the job although we have lost the half naked one to the mines! The lure of so much money kind of makes labouring for a Brickie a bit crap. So he upped and left to do some courses before heading off into the sunset, of course I also suspect now its dropped in temperature down here the promise of a few extra degrees up North had something to do with it, after all the guy was obsessed with working in the buff..                                                                                                                            This came as a bit of a blow as      A) it slows down our Brickie, who now has to do all the mixing,fetching,carrying etc alone. B) the half naked guy was our welder for the lintels and other weedy things that need doing!    However Jon being Jon has decided we definitely need a welder ourselves and promptly shot off to Masters to buy one. As I write he is up at the land wielding his welder at anything and everything he can, Nathan in tow who has been asking for a welder for the last two years. I must confess to being secretly pleased with the purchase, not only will it save us a few hundred bucks but I have been coveting a nice set of dinosaurs which require some artistic fashioning with said welder..It came with a free helmet too which impressively has an automatic light filter changing it to black upon detection. Geez Ive joined the world of the geeks..


As for the rest of the week, we have been inundated with deliveries. I did say the beginning of June was going to be hectic.  My fancy crystal chandelier for the stairwell arrive, Not quite sure how we are going to put that up, it involves numbered wires and balls of crystal we could be there for few hours on that one! The fancy swancy alarm system arrived, the kitchen sink is great and we have nearly decided on lights for the house, please note I said NEARLY and anyone who knows me will know the likelihood of purchase is slim. We still need to employ an electrician yet, and find sockets and switches that don’t cost $100 each! We shall be putting out the electrical diagrams and requirements this week and seeing who comes back in favourably?.

Our large outdoor store is near complete with a double door entrance to the back of our house. The space is HUGE which I think Jon has done deliberately to make damned sure despite however much crap and clutter we accumulate he gets enough room for that pool table he has always wanted 🙂    The end of this week also saw the start of the internal “guts” of the house with the toilet door and wall starting to make its shape and separating the vast spaces. The alfresco pillars at the back are up and gives a better understanding of how the space will look. We also have the start of the pillar for the porch area out front which doubles as support for the balcony from Boo’s room too.

Well I will leave you all to it and head off up to site to see how the Welding is going on?. Money on it Nathan has made something by next week with it!! 🙂


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