Long weekend wash out.

Its been a short week, WA day was last Monday and so the week began Tuesday. Its thrown me off all week and I have been consequently a day behind, we can dispense with the “your always behind” jokes too 🙂 I funnily enough though managed not to sit outside school waiting for Boo this week only to remember she has a dance class!! I have been up at the site quite a bit this week, I am finding the internal walls going up really exciting. Yes I know all happy and bouncy over a few bricks and some cement, But there are actual rooms now, Nooks where things are going and corridors into places. I stood in my scullery this week and the laundry and the down stairs toilet, see Im all over it like a rash. It also made me start to worry where we are going to put all our things. The familiar placings and fittings of them here in our rental to the new positions and best aspects for them in our new home. I posed the questions to Jon and he jumped around corners of the living room and laundry demonstrating proposed places. I can thankfully say our Christmas tree now has a designated spot!!

Wednesday the crane came to lift all our lintels into place (Courtesy of Mandurah Crane hire) so our Brickie Gary can continue on around windows and doors. This was both positive and negative, Some lowlife oxygen stealing scumbag piece of shite has helped themselves to some of our lintels!!! Its NEVER right to steal but huge multi billion dollar construction companies take it on the chin, it gets swallowed up, its part of everyday construction mishaps, you shrug your shoulders and order a new thingymabob. I think stealing from an owner builder however who has to pay more for the products in the first place because you don’t get the multi billion dollar best mates rates is just personal and down right shitty….I have had a quick tweet @Mandurah police about more drive bys. HOWEVER.. deep deep breath moving on….I say positive because thankfully we had another one Jon quickly chopped down to size from the upstairs contingency. Yes we will have to pay more than the original smaller lintel for a new one, & throw in $90 delivery charge again! BUT the crane didn’t have to be reordered and we are still on schedule for the second floor to go on. Jon finished welding all the wall rods to the lintels after they left and was there till after dark. Gary can continue now till he is done, he is even pulling a Saturday this week as the weather has pretty much slowed things down. Most days have been good n dry but over night we have been hammered, leaving everything soaking and just harder to play with.

I sneaked off to Peel Paint place this week too. Ideas are now entering my head with great speed as rooms are materialising and spaces making sense. I can not wait to be rid of this disgusting Spanish villa styled orange paint we have here, Every room is too much Mr Landlord. *secretly dreams of even putting “Magnolia” on the walls :-0   I can not wait to get covered in paint from head to toe and have lashings of wall paper strewn around. Catch you all next week 🙂




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