slow & sickly…

Hey House Bloggers.. long time no see 🙂   Its been one of those “couple o weeks”, the ones where stuff has happened but not really impressive stuff and time has just evaporated into the cosmos, As the “Timey wimey wibbly wobbly”  stuff does. Would be bloody useful to have a Tardis at this point I might add, it would help in quite a few of our issues this week!         It has continued to be a house of horrors in the homestead too this last couple of weeks, what with the ongoing saga of Georgina’s health and hospital issues-which I have very nicely (ha ha) conversed with the Liaison officer in SCGH followed by a comprehensive e-mail about treatment and a handy health timeline of events. Lets just say instead of September reviews she has seen a top ophthalmologist yesterday, has had an array of bloods taken this morning and is scheduled back with Neurology tomorrow for re admittance until solved! Maddison also thought she would like a day off school and contracted Tonsillitis, a few hard core antibiotics later and she was back at school the day after.

Anyways…The house. The First floor is complete,the Brickie Gary finished & Terry Bobcat has been and cleared all the rubbish,left over bricks and side section of our plot ready for deliveries of our first floor slab.

I was a little pissed off at one point when I drove past the house this week and found the scaffolders knocking a level off the end of our store to erect the scaffolding.. “We are putting the house up people not dismantling it”! Jon is fairly chill as always and despite him thinking they could have gotten around it if they tried harder.. he is laid back and accepting. The supervisor did ring him and apologise for not informing us, You see the simple thing would have been to mention it when we were there & they were measuring up for the job. That way we could have gently accommodated instead of driving past to see some long haired youth chipping away at it with all the delicacy of Vlad the Impaler. Jon assures that it will be made good and thankfully is not on any Face brick work so most of the damage will be rendered later. we do have some idea of the view now from upstairs towards the ocean, which was a really good moment.


So fingers crossed we should have a whole lot more to show you all next week 🙂

We did manage to bag several bargains this week and MAX out the credit cards in the process.. Masters (our friendly local DIY superstore, which happens to be in financial difficulties :-)..) had a MEGA sale on just the sort of things we need, Everything electrical from switches, sockets and wiring- 40% off.  All skirting boards at a fabulous 50% off and door hardware again at 40% off. We actually did better on the skirting boards as the clever boy ordering it for us didn’t quite have his faculties about him, confused by the discount and our trade card gave us 60% off instead!! So instead of $600+ we only actually paid $237 for the whole house..(UK peoples thats about 115 GBP):  Also purchased at great deduction was a vanity unit for our en suite. We looked a couple of months back in Harvey Normans and  agreed a price, wrote it down BUT our wall needed extending to fit it in and we were umming and ahhing about its design & suitability. When we went back in the manager wanted an extra $100 for it.. The woman was like ” you have to give them it at that price they’ve moved a wall!” Bless her… we left quickly after that and called it a day.



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