Up & Down…


FORGIVE ME PEOPLE!! Things have been slow..The weather has not been as favourable as it could have been and we ran into some ‘issues’ with the steel joists. I had kind of lost momentum with the build and the blog, The kids are on holiday and time has just gone-things have now moved a bit and we are a GO again. 🙂

Our scaffold went up and we eagerly awaited the first floor slab, already behind schedule due to the floor people (Floortech) they eventually turned up as planned on a Thursday a couple of weeks back. It was a gorgeous blue sunny day the birds were singing, the steel joists were being lifted by the crane,I was bouncing around my walk full of the joys..Then Jon turned up and told me they had buggered up the joists,were taking them back down as they should be epoxy coated and that they would be back next Tuesday to re crane them up. BUGGER!

So to this week- Tuesday saw the ‘coated’ joists being craned back into place. This was closely followed by all the steel trusses being laid in-between each joist and bolted on. The next stage involved laying of corrugated steel sheeting, bolting, bending and shaping with a layer of insulation to all the edges of the slab.

All of this now also has a layer of steel mesh grid to strengthen the concrete when poured. FINALLY yesterday saw the formwork for the stairs being completed ready for Concrete later on. Both Jon & I have been and checked the stairs formwork last night, this is because the house we rent here has the worst ever formwork in the history of stair making. The steps at the bottom are not square and look terrible, its one of those things that once you have noticed it-  you never stop seeing it..I am pleased to say, the guy yesterday is an obvious Pro. Brummie at birth, Torquay for kids & emigrated after divorce 26 years ago, He’s been doing formwork ever since.

Steph is stood in our room on my bed in the picture above, and Boo is floating mid air in-front of her balcony (which is outside her room). So thats where we are up to- waiting for the Big concrete pour. Its scheduled later this week & needs a week to dry before we can get the crane back to load it up with bricks and start bricking all over again. Fingers crossed for a couple of dry days.


2 thoughts on “Up & Down…

  1. I am pleased things are moving again. On my building projects, I bought the stumps from forestry still standing as trees. I cut them down, bucked them to length and heaved them onto my ancient clanking ute and spent the next week with blistered hands and aching back de-sapping them with a large axe. I carted every stick and sheet, banged every nail, plumbed every pipe, wired every wire, tiled every tile, etc. The trouble was I only got competent at the job by the time I finished it. Still, I didn’t have any labour disputes or scheduling worries.

    I guess things aren’t done like that now. Still, I got a thrill as everything took shape, and I guess you do too. I have great satisfaction in living in a house I have created and had some input into. Even its faults I can forgive, as it was my mistake because I didn’t know enough. Not surprisingly, it is easier to forgive oneself than some other bugger who should have known better.

    Wish I could be with you to ‘wet the roof’. It is so satisfying to reach that stage.

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    1. I’ve told you.. Your welcome at any time 🙂
      It is a rush now things are moving again, the scaffold costs nearly as much as rent per week! We really need to get everything up there done and dusted.
      All the design, plans, and scheduling are our doing.. If they don’t work it’s on us 😁 I just wish it was still a bit like then.. It may not be costing so much, If Jon didn’t work we would be doing all the graft.. Still we are installing the kitchen ourselves, painting, skirting boards, tiling, stair balustrades etc.. Can’t afford not to be .


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