And we’re off..

Well its been a while. We last left off where Floortech had installed our beams, stairwell casings & re enforcements and were eagerly awaiting delivery of our second concrete slab.  It came a week last Thursday and was quickly poured, smoothed and polished and thats all folks.. (yes that was a bugs Bunny pun) ! We had to wait at least a week for it to set sufficiently enough to lift the heavy lot of bricks onto the top slab, without it cracking all over the place. The advantage with our floortech system of beams and then concrete means we don’t have to wait four weeks for it to set like a conventional thick slab, as it is a lot thinner slab. (thats my en-suite at the back in the first picture , the front pipes are family bathroom & toilet).

The guy from BGC concrete still smoothing out all the lumps and bumps in the steps.

So roll on a long week and a half…In truth its gone as fast as every other bloody week does, but I like the drama and suspense, makes for good reading 🙂 & we are finally on track to start all over again. Today has seen Mandurah Crane Hire back to lift the rest of the bricks up top, and ever so kindly also the steel lintel that got pinched the first time round. I however missed the bit with my camera where Jon fell on top of it as he tried to help push it!! Never mind I will get him next time 😉 We also now have a hoist to lift cement, bricks and eventually roof tiles & some scaffold barriers have been installed to prevent any falls from the stairs and into the stair well from up top.. Health and safety and all that !

Gary the Brickie you will all be pleased to hear, has found a new labourer called Michael (or apparently “Chunky” for short)?. Monday evening they came before the brick load and marked out rooms and plans for the upstairs build. The pair of them are finishing off on a job today and will be at our house bright and early in the morning. Im not sure where I will stand to get an overhead view on this bit like before.. Think the drone will have to come back or when the roof chippies are here, I may get one or two then?..we will see how my legs hold out 😉


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