Zeus strikes…

Well house bloggers its been another frantic and hectic week. What with Maddison’s cake the sleepover party, hospital visits with Georgie and general life, I have been a bit slack!. Which is FAR FAR from what Gary the Brickie has been. The upstairs is flying up unbelievably quick and despite the worst weather WA has seen in July n August for a few years, the lovely man has kept on going. (Don’t all feel too sorry for him, He is wanting to get off on holidays in a week or so )!! 🙂

So at the beginning of last week, we pretty much had the start of upstairs (see above pictures). Nathan’s room at the front left corner,as you look at the house. Family bathroom window in, Two small high light windows along our ensuite corridor wall and at the very end facing the sea, My bedroom window and the upstairs lounge window. Maddison is essentially sitting on the upstairs sofa.. This was closely followed by all exterior walls going up, insulated and further backed up with interior bricks, windows all in and then my personal favourite bit started, The actual room dividing walls that start to shape our finished home.

This apart from being the lovely Gary’s Bum 🙂  (sorry Mate)! is Maddison’s sliding door out to the balcony (Front, top, right hand side) . We have the tall slim stairwell window fitted, Maddison’s side window and my bedroom window to the right of the door as you walk in. Then comes the best bits..IE OUR ROOM … below pictures are first looking into our room from the door, then down our corridor to the ensuite & dressing room ( Jon was a bit concerned as we had to narrow this last week to fit our recessed wall in the lounge which is on the other side. It has turned out fine)! The ensuite area before the back wall went up & finally our shower nook. It is beyond belief that the shower we have now has no means for storage or holding of essential shower goodies, throwing them on the floor in a corner no matter how neatly is not overly stylish.. We needed that nook! The little area to the right of the shower nook will be the toilet area, an Opaque glass door will finish it off.

Well we were hoping that all the Brickwork would be done by Friday. Poor Gary has been out there all weathers and in some epic winds cementing away, but despite best efforts you can only do so much in it. So if everyone would like to cross fingers, Pray, rub a special stone,dance to the sun gods Or what ever ticks your box?  Could we please have some decent weather to enable a finish, that would be most appreciated Guys. 🙂                                                                                                      We have roof timbers being delivered Friday and the next level of scaffolding is due to arrive and be erected. There was some talk today that the roof Chippie would arrive Friday and start (instead of Monday 15), We do have some eager blokes on the job.. Watch this space. x


2 thoughts on “Zeus strikes…

  1. Pleased to hear the build progressing. No one better than Jon to know what can mess the schedule like adverse weather. Which strangely reminds me of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “A day in the life of Ivan Denisovich” where they had to lay bricks in Siberia at minus 30C. You need water to mix mortar to lay bricks. They had to steal wood to heat the water, to lay the bricks, to reach the quota, to be fed in the Gulag. Not fed, you die. All true, and if you ever feel annoyed at the trials and tribulations of building, an example of how bad it can get and might make you laugh at your own misfortunes. Read it. I think it got a Nobel prize for literature and is an easy read.

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