Against all odds..

I kid you not this has been one of the longest, wettest and coldest winters WA has seen for a fair few years. Debate as to the actual figures vary depending on which source you read, but its been grim and most Westralian’s are now quite fed up with it. It certainly was not the best of months to try and build a house and even worse was to try and get all the brick work finished on the upper level in the last two weeks of horrendous showers,winds and general crap. Gary gave himself Flu enduring the rains and had to take a day off work, completely knocked him for six. When he returned to work he could hardly see because of conjunctivitis and the weekend just gone, his lovely wife laboured with him so it was complete for Monday and the Roof chippie starting. We were not on the lazy train either, despite it being Jon’s birthday Saturday, He had to go source some extra bricks needed and on the Sunday (after a small lie in from the festivities the night before 😉  ) we enlisted Steph & Boo to help us sweep, scrape concrete splashes from the floors and shift all the gathered debris and mountains of sand… funny that by the beach! It did give me pause for thought about the further cleaning I will need to do, but its slightly smaller than here..or at least I keep telling myself that. It also gave Steph back ache the day after and me blisters on my hands.Right on to the bit you are all waiting for..the Photos of the completed upstairs including my self designed “Holy wall” to let maximum amounts of light through to the corridor.

The start of the this week despite forecasts has been Ok, Yesterday showers didn’t hamper things and Sheldon (our Roof Chippie) and the scaffolding team who took our scaffold up another level carried on regardless. All the roof timbers were delivered on Friday from Independent timber. Today is much more favourable and the crane (courtesy of Mandurah Crane Hire again) has been here lifting all the timbers up top, Jon has nipped up cut and welded a steel beam and inspected things. Jon has spoken to the electrician (who is conveniently working over the road today) about his proposed start on the 22nd. It looks quite sizeable with the scaffold surrounding it at such a high level, will be a whole new picture when the timbers are finalised..

Rain is forecast all week including Hail, thunderstorms and gales.. Sheldon is off on his Hols with Gary Friday so fingers crossed again peeps..



One thought on “Against all odds..

  1. What a contrast with my first build, Blackbean Cottage. There you had a crane. I didn’t even have a ladder or a piece of rope. You have teams of workers, there was only me and Mike, who seemed to have lots of social obligations. No power, no water other than a bucket from the creek and access across 2kms of bumpy paddocks with 7 gates on and ancient creaking 3 gear Landcruiser. Gee, you youngsters have it easy these days. That’s me playing the old fart. I was going to append a pic but seems I can’t so will e-mail separately.

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