Raising the Roof…

Well the time came for the Roof Chippies to start, and flipping heck it went up quick! We were having a major stress as yet again the weather has been totally crap and everything is on a tight schedule running trades alongside each other.. This can’t be done without that and so forth. Anyway all was good and it flew up and with only the addition of working Saturday Morning for poor Sheldon (before he could get off on his Holidays), was done and dusted.

The flat timbers were laid first with all steel beams in place and extra strong wood”Lam” beams all treated and followed by upright struts and cross beams. Then all the shape of the roof took form and that was that.

Saturday afternoon saw us (Nathan, Jon and me) at the house installing the wooden effect eaves, 6 metre lengths of cladding one either end and one in the middle holding up the soggy bit! 🙂    where I took the opportunity to climb all over the roof and get some fantastical snaps of the area from up high. As the bad influence I am on the kids they followed suit… Health n safety at its best. I am loving that they are all (2 older girls obviously not so much) getting down, dirty and involved with the build. It gives them the opportunity to see how things are done, how hard some bits are and appreciate whats gone into the whole project.

for the whole scene I went with a Pano shot around the bay.IMG_4201

Sunday saw an early start back up there with us battling to get it completed and the weather closing in across the sea. It passed off quite a few times but at 3 pm with a wind direction change the heavens opened & we were sheltering behind walls, as much as we breathed in, moved to different rooms etc whilst waiting it out, a roof with no tiles on is not much protection. With large cold drops dripping from every cross beam & Jon Worried about the electrical saw and brad nailer combined with the fact we are now standing in large pools of water, we made a dash for the car with all things in tow. Cold, wet and not finished we went home for the day.It had dried up within an hour but the damage had been done and non of us were up for paddling and laying on our backs lifting cladding up……Which has seen us all, Maddison included back at the house every night this week completing bits after Jon’s finished “normal” work, Working till dark which at present is 6pm. The finished effect is lovely, No maintenance you get with real wood but the desired cedar look.

So to this week and we have had a whirl of excitement at the house.. Reasonable weather to boot, That will change tomorrow though with a nasty Hail, wind, wave, thunderstorm treat in store for us.. Can’t wait! 🙂      The electricians have been (Courtesy of Surfside electrical) and “chased” all the walls to run cables down, positioned where light switches and plug sockets are to go. Then all the pre wiring has been added and neatly pinned to all rafters and walls. The Plumber Ainslie local lad down the road in  Madora Bay is coming to put all the first fix bits in like wall lugs and shower heads etc.. and the roof plumber Shane is fixing all the guttering so the tiles can go on next Monday.. (Weather permitting).

Thats your lot guys.. loads of snaps for you to look at and a huge amount of progress for us.. Paul Tredgett your late for the Roof raising party!!!

Happy days.x




One thought on “Raising the Roof…

  1. Hi K8 & Jon, I tried to like the post and wordpress wanted email address and password, but rejected my address as invalid. A tad miffed. I do like your post and now you have the full shape of your house. How exciting. No wonder you couldn’t resist climbing on the roof frame. And what do you mean I am late for the roof raising party?? In my books, you have to have a roof on first! Like with tiles and such which can actually keep the rain out. Or do you mean to say you had a piss up with just the frame? Or is a bigger piss up planned when the last tile laid? Then the build is just about immune from the the ravages of the weather and a big uncertainty removed from the scheduling.

    I am very pleased for you and know the emotions, hope and pride that goes with a big project. On my build(s), I had 1 architect, 1 project manager, 1 chippie, 1 general labourer, 1 roofer, 1 electrician, 1 plumber and drainer, 1 tiler, 1 materials and logistics manager, 1 driver, 1 painter, 1 cabinet maker, and 1 glazier who was also the cook. Amazingly, everybody got on fine and there were no disputes and the jobs were done sequentially rather than simultaneously.

    I have a beer in the fridge left by guests that is awaiting the roof. The very important bit that keeps the rain out. When you send credible photographic evidence that your mansion is weather proof, I will hoist it in celebration and congratulations that you finally have a habitable (work in progress) house. Until then, it remains in the fridge.

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