There had to be something…


Well its only Tuesday and this week I am over already! Firstly the roof tilers were not at our house yesterday morning, or indeed again today.. Yesterday and today being the ONLY 2 good days of weather we are offered this week and the other small issue of solar being installed on Friday. WHY? ..The scaffolders haven’t put the barriers high enough and the skilled climbers who put tiles on the roof are not working unless its done. *Cue email to scaffolders.. still waiting! The roof chippie managed, my 12 year old has traversed the beams and I have climbed the dizzying heights.. Anyways I get on the phone for a bitch about the crap roofers to Jon, who left at the crack of pre dawn to get into Perth for “Office Monday”. Jon is NOT having a good day either, he can’t talk about it and promises to e- mail /phone concerned parties. Slightly miffed but with cleaning to do I carry on, upon clearing out the mass of bumph contained within the rates notification from the council, I stumble upon how its worked out and notice that we pay more for vacant land than you do for “improved” land. Ok lets improve the day I will give them a ring and se if I can save us some money..This is where the day unravels and I spend the whole afternoon in meltdown because it looks like we F*&%$#D something up.

Unknown Everyone knows what a “stickler” for doing things by the book Jon is. It took us months of patiently waiting till we had all our ducks in a row and even then we got stung with long weekends and public holidays to boot slowing down the process…But we did it all right and got everything approved by the government and local shire and we were off.  RIGHT?.. err NO… so back to yesterday, I ring the number and get put through to the Watercorp.. Odd I think, I called the Shire but the lady (a nice helpful girl called Courtney) says no I can assist..We do that for you. So I ask, she confirms we can get it adjusted after we complete on the build.. GREAT.. then she asks about the water, confused I say “we have an account, direct debit registered ” etc . They have no record of a meter there and definitely no building plans or our pre approval from them?. OMG so now I am freaking out, she is mentioning illegal building permit fines or something like that, that I need to take a reading of the number of the actual meter (which we are not meant to have)?, approvals & building plans she hasn’t got in a “builders net”? and I am just losing the plot..We have an account, have been paying the direct debits, we used a registered plumber what is going on?.

I defer to Jon (he’s good like that, and he knows everything, or so I thought).. so the moment the poor sod walks through the door (which actually turned out to be a lot later than he planned) I am in his face blurting out the whole afternoon at a million miles an hour and he’s like “WHAT”?. Jon rings the plumber, who eventually gets back to us and he hasn’t submitted anything.. GREAT!, he just applied his intention or something to a building licence thing for the sewers.. Ok Brilliant..So Jon phones back this Courtney on her extension, who isn’t there.. The new lady reads the notes then advises Jon that we need to submit the connection application, they need to install a new meter… BECAUSE it gets even better… apparently this one thats on here has been reported stollen previously!???. I mean you can’t make this shit up.

So last night was spent trying to sort out Jon’s work issue, frantically calling the water people to try and get things sorted..and Wine lots of wine. So much for not drinking in the week! Its still playing on my mind today hence the update to you guys. I hope its all going to sort itself out now Jon has spoken to them.. There were two ways to look at it, I was upset I had to break bad news to Jon when he was so busy BUT thankfully at least we have found out now and quickly dealt with it before happily continuing blissfully unawares. We certainly don’t want to be starting off our new life and House on the wrong side of the law!

Lets hope this also serves to anyone else thinking of building… after you have checked and rechecked and then checked again like we did… ASK someone else who built, because you never know what you missed!

Lets hope the week improves?.


2 thoughts on “There had to be something…

  1. There are two parallel universes. The one that I live in and contains all the mass we know of, dark mass and dark energy. It is mysterious enough, and astronomers are really peeved that they don’t know what 95% of it is made of. Even more mysterious is the universe of paperwork, where the two-dimensional inhabitants rush around thinking their reality maps, records and reflects our universe. Deluded fools. Like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, they can think of 10 impossible things before breakfast each day.

    Try and think kindly of these shadow people, who really think their paper or stored electrons representing your water meter, is more real than the meter itself. Who could deny the existence of palette of bricks or mile of plumbing if it didn’t have a pile of paper to justify it’s existence. Try to imagine their wispy universe being blown away by the arrival of the Freemantle Doctor. Torn to nebulous shreds in moments.

    I’m trying to calm you down with a little humour. Easy enough to do if you are not the one having to deal with rampant idiocy. If you still maintain the rage, then I can perhaps commiserate with you having recent experience. I refer to my own rants about trying to import a generator from China. Which neatly brings me back to parallel universes (in my nerdy mind at least). The generator somehow arrived in Brisbane on 3 different ships. This is allowed in quantum mechanics, and in the mysterious world of bureaucracy. As long as the entangled particles (the generator), was not examined before it arrived. It can be examined after arrival, in which case all other quantum states (and ships) collapse to a single probability.

    I hope this analysis was helpful to you.

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  2. Oh dear, which seems dreadfully inadequate considering the rant.

    Building is a hair tearing affair. How much have you got left? It will be fine!  You grit your teeth, down a couple of bottles and smile. We have faith in you both. the house WILL be finished and you WILL live happily ever after.

    We love you, and are thinking of you. M



    Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 3:52 AM


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