The Race to Roof…

Hey House Bloggers.. Well after the disastrous start to last weeks schedule and the almighty “cock up” with the Watercorp. (still waiting on that one)! The end of the week despite all odds & weather systems actually finished where we had anticipated it should have. Go figure??.. The scaffolders finally turned up late Tuesday afternoon and the following Wednesday morning DESPITE it raining, the roof men were up top battening and sarking out the roof. *Sarking is like roof felt under the tiles. By lunchtime the sun had come out to play, moods were obviously better and the tiles were being hoisted up to the roof. By end of day we had quite a few tiles on already and we crossed fingers, toes and anything else for Thursday to be bright and blue too. Thursday came as did the men with beautiful blue skies and by lunchtime the roof was finished and they had all buggered off. Which was handy for the lead chap as he was heading up North to Karratha for some work and warmer weather after completing our job.   ** The tiles despite looking like slate are actually concrete. Most here are normally curved or arched, we loved the look of the flat ones from Monierprime.. The colour is Barramundi after my FAVE fish.

So having held our nerve and not cancelled the Friday slot, with the roof complete we could await the solar guys coming. They rang and asked us to be there, I think the office thought it was already built and we needed to let them in or something?. Which was a bit of a ball ache really as I had finally booked my car in for servicing in Rockingham and Jon was fetching me for a fun filled morning going round his rounds in Wellard with him!. It was all good though as both guys (french in origin, had a good chat about France with him) were professional, competent and friendly so we left them to it. Friday evening we were the proud owners of a Money saving sun utilising device.. Which seeing as the next installation at the start of this week is Aircon, is a just as bloody well!.

Monday we had Electricians back completing the bits they needed to attend to before plasterers, along with the plumbers who also have their bits to finish, The plumbers will be there pretty much most of this week. The Aircon guys ( and this time both German, just to make it a truly multicultural build 🙂   ) came Monday and did the first laying out of pipes and installing of units above rafters, Looking like large shiny silver snakes sneaking into each room. I should think they will be back to complete later in the week too?.


Well there you have it for this week.

All thats left is to leave you with the King of his Castleimg_4280



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