Totally plastered…

Hey Building blog followers, This week there has been a flurry of activity at the house, We even had Saturday and Sunday work take place! Due to yes, you guessed it RAIN setbacks!. Ross Plasterer owner,manager and general dogsbody of Southwest plastering started with all his lads on Saturday bright and early, and despite a hefty gang of six lads didn’t quite complete the upstairs float and smooth.

So he returned Sunday with his lovely wife Paula in tow as “labourer” to finish off. Jon and I were also up there on Sunday inserting extra roof noggins between beams so as to reduce the span width for the ceiling guys. We constructed a frame around the air con down tubes so they could be walled off too at the same time as the ceilings. Jan popped her head in for a walk around the house and after some persuasion climbed the ladder up the scaffold and had a wander round the upstairs too. I think she will be back when the stairs are operational again 🙂

Monday evening after the office Jon put in some temporary water spouts.This was to divert any water that could damage the new render outside when the plastering team came back.Tuesday they were up at the house so as to render the front top section of the outside. It needs about a week to go off, so then Jon and I will paint it ourselves at the weekend. (Weather permitting). Having finally decided on colours for our base, contrast and feature *lightest through to dark as shown, we should be good to go?… ha ha ha..

Wednesday saw the ceiling chaps arrive. The living room upstairs has a feature “vaulted” ceiling which was not very apparent until the boards went up. Its amazing how blocking something up and in can make it appear bigger, Optical illusions at there best. The rooms are looking more finished off now and awaiting the “white set” Monday next week. Pink plaster is not used over here, which is a shame as the white stuff is not great.. The lads worked real hard & were there until 5 last night ( Australians generally work from 6/ 6.30- 2/3pm MAX)!. Today all that was left to do was install the cornice.. Or for you in the UK “Coving”. That was at cutting stage when I last popped in, The guy despite being young looking was old school too using a “mitre” block…So next week you will have to look out for it in place in the other pictures 🙂

Well there you have it, lots of pictures, lots of action and another week gone.

catch you later x


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