Friday finish off…

Its FRIDAY! Its also a LONG Weekend (Queens Birthday WA).So I had to throw this quick one out there as lets face it, I ain’t gonna do it over the next couple of days. The weather is grim AGAIN, & is pretty much at artic temps for here. That will not deter our busy house working fun filled activities, as last Tuesday we got glass put in upstairs. Ta da.. The whole top floor beautifully glazed & all shiny new windows complete. There was a small hic-cup with the huge glass for the stairwell as they had “out sourced” it, but it turned up & they managed to fit it in no dramas. Jon and I spent Tuesday night peeling back tape, removing stickers & clearing up any left over bits n bobs. We don’t want to be climbing ladders to clean stuff later on.

Maddison’s sliding door to the balcony, side window & again from outside. Below are the window and big sliding door to the upstairs balcony on the back above the alfresco.

Wednesday saw some ceiling fixing continuing and the aerial man came to see if we could get away with a “in roof” aerial. It seems not so it is neatly tucked away in a valley at the back of the house. Some of you may remember pictures of the kids on the roof?, It is  situated about there. Jonathan having hurt his shoulder a while back declined for us to paint the house last weekend. Fearing the rollering action would amplify the healing process, So we had the painter Graham & his labourer seal and coat twice our upper render. Jon nipped around sealing all possible wind holes and edges that could let water penetrate yesterday, with the ever useful cork sealer & gun.

Thursday saw the start of the white set, the plasterers set about doing the stairwell first before the stairs are revealed again. Moving onto Nathan’s, Steph’s, Boos and our room smoothing walls ready for sealer and paint. They are all back today carrying on, I am sure given its Friday they won’t stay till 5 o’clock like last night 🙂  You can all see the cornice    *(coving) from lasts weeks post in these pictures too. It will stand out better when the walls are painted .

So HUGE amounts of progress & activity, If the scaffolders don’t get to the house today, Tuesday when everyone’s back at work is when we will finally get to see the whole house.

I can’t wait! x



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