& so the scaffolding fell…(well eventually it did)!

Thankfully we “Off hired” the scaffold officially last Friday, in reality it only got removed Tuesday just gone. Monday was a public holiday celebrating the queens birthday here .         *(?? Don’t ask, I know its not actually her birthday??) So apart from our plasterer who came in to finish our white set upstairs, NO-ONE else was about. However with us really needing to get on and repair the damage done by the scaffold to the brickwork and make sure we could fit safety stair rail inside, We actually ended up removing the stair scaffold ourselves on Saturday. This was followed by a two hour marathon of chipping, scraping and removing all the cement from the brickie when he built the upstairs, The render mess from the plasterers & all the other bits of debris and dust that had fallen through the sides and cracks. Taking out the scaffold revealed the light and airy staircase space we have created, it came as a bit of a shock the amount of light now in the downstairs hallway. (the photo doesn’t do it justice, the light was streaming through and upsetting the camera shot)!

Getting all the jobs finished upstairs and removing it quickly as possible has been our biggest concern, it has been a Huge weekly cost almost as much as rent p/w. Just guessing but this is probably why all the houses here are single storey?. We have been waiting so long for it to be removed and reveal the house behind. I must have driven past five or six times waiting for them to turn up, finally after several texts to Jon asking where they were, It was done and dusted. I was there with camera poised to send Jon a photo message at work.

Jon has been up there doing some brick work after hours with Nathan, He still has some face brick left to do on the store but Sheldon our Roof chippie can get on with putting the roof beams up. The plumbers were back doing as much as they could this week. Chipping out walls and plumbing in pipes for sinks, showers, utility and toilet areas.

Sheldon started yesterday with his mate and they cracked on really well installing the roof frame to the garage, utility room and made a start on the HUGE wooden beam spanning our over sized al fresco area out back. Nathan & I got called back to help lift it with them but in the end just Jon & the two guys managed really easily.We need roof cover on these areas so that the electrician & plumbers can finish off and we can get the plaster float done. Jon and I are putting the tin on next weekend, we need the roof frame up so we can measure accurately the sheeting arrangements and order it up. Jon managed a sneaky shot of me posing under the beam this week too. 🙂

Well I am off to warm up in the shower before venturing out n about.. Catch you later xx




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