Electrics & Water..

Its been a while.  I have been feeling rather narked of late about the slow progress over the last couple of weeks and although things have been moving on, I couldn’t bring my thoughts  on the house to the page! Things were running smoothly enough, Jon had all the trades in place, jobs perfectly timed with each other, he is bloody good at his job! Then the electrician had a major series of unfortunate events that left him and his crew unable to come and do our finishing electricity needs.. *I do understand these things happen but when you are paying through the nose a week/ 2 week delay is a huge amount of money to be wasted in rent, double bills etc…Thus all having a knock on effect further down the chain which results in everything else being pushed back. So spitting, shouting & foaming at the bit ( that Rabid bit was me obviously )! I get Jon ( the nice, reasonable, likeable chappy) to send him a list of options available, with not coming for a week and a half NOT ONE OF THEM!!!.. To cut it short & avoid you all tuning out,

  • 1):Give me half a day do the bare minimum so we can at least float the plaster downstairs.
  • 2):Give me the stuff and i’ll do it for you.
  • 3):I can put conduits in /Least preferred method.

Well the guy wouldn’t bend on Jon doing it as being all “red tapey” over here.. “It would cost him his licence”.. Fair enough!. So he arranged to come out Yesterday and then again on  Monday (next) to finish off. To their word yesterday two vans and electrical chaps were outside our house bright & early. I should have been pleased, jumping for joy,ecstatic about this and I really, really would have gone & got photos for you, but the house has sat for FOUR rare glorious days with no-one on it. With time ticking away and things we could be doing on it diminishing I’m still a bit bummed out!                                                                                                    Hey its Friday.. so moving on & cheering the mood up.. Heres a random Friday panda 🙂images

Now we all know water and electricity doesn’t mix! Right?… well this is why between all this drama with the return visits we had to get the lower level roofs on and watertight (ish). So after Sheldon and his mate had finished doing all the roof beams for us last week,

img_4467 it was our turn over the weekend just gone to lay roofing sheets on the beams and screw them all down. Followed by copious amounts of sealant, expanding foam *(Jon’s personal favourite for any job) and flashings. This would be a fairly easy but time consuming job if it wasn’t for the BLOODY WEATHER again! So the weekend looms ahead and good old BOM * Bureau of Meteorology have issued a severe weather warning for high winds, rain & general great weather for lifting Huge strips of tin colourbond roofing onto a high roof area. Between the two of us it was going to be a challenge lifting them up over the high sided walls as it was. The insulation rolls were flapping around and at one point tried to take Jon for a wild hang glide over the house. We used lengths of wood, pin gun, brute force anything in fact we could utilise to give us enough time to drop down to the floor and grab a length of steel to secure it properly.

We ran out of insulation but a quick call to Kevin Jon’s work mate saw a home delivery so we could finish off. Friday evening we started with the two small areas over the tv recess in the lounge & Georgina’s/Office section, Saturday saw us despite the weather on the garage / utility roof. Sunday the store & al fresco sections. We still need to finish off screwing it down completely and the flashings and sealing need doing *(prizes for guessing where we will be if anyone wants us this weekend) 🙂  But it looks great, Jon’s precision for neatness and perfection saw him lining up all the screws in straight continuous lines.. until we ran out then we called it a day!

Saturdays efforts…

Sundays efforts..

oops…I forgot to mention the “other” water issue. After the torrential downpours combined with the driving wind we appear to have a few leaks in our window seals upstairs.Checking round the house at the weekend, I found the sides of our bedroom windows with wet plaster and also in the upstairs lounge. We have contacted the window company who will either come out and sort it or come out when they come to install our downstairs glass. So another issue sort of dealt with, they do keep coming.

Next weeks instalment should see me happy, cheerful & with plaster on the downstairs awaiting ceilings! We shall see?  Have a great weekend guys xx


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