So Many Things..So Little Time..

I find myself apologising on a bi-weekly basis now, Im slack as, I know but also “Busy as”. Last week just flew by with only a few hair pulling moments , foul mouthed rants & a small drama. However ended with a few BIG happy bangs and a small niggly one! We had an amazing weekend NOT @ the house 🙂  but obviously still every second devoted to completing it and sorting things we need for it. This was sourcing doors, finalising tiles, sorting a kitchen buying schedule, a quick look at pools, a small spot of weeding here n there & Jon also snook in a sneaky skateboard/ BMX table ramp for Stephanie he has been promising..Which is where the girls (& occasionally Nathan between work) have spent the last few days practising jumps, grinds and tail whips galore. We sneakily strolled alone up to the house after hours Friday night and watched the sunset from the upstairs balcony as it went down over the sea with a small drinky in hand. It was short lived as the mosquito crew from hell turned up, with the size of some of them we retreated quick sharpish!

So where were we up to? We had spent a while sorting the tin roof and making the house water tight and were already for the plasterers team to come and “float” the house. Well this was the tiny niggle, having promised to come Tuesday so the Ceilings could come Weds/Thurs. We found the plasterer struggling to get his team there till Thursday which meant we possibly had to push back the ceilings and everything else that follows. To cut a long story short ceilings went up first (unusual) and then went in the plaster. Both jobs were completed by Friday, including the outside render which they doubted would get done. Jon had some personal cheery news, Maddison was an absolute LEGEND @ the rugby tournament Friday & the house was where it should be at.. BONUS!!!                                       Then the downside bit was the fine from the shire about rubbish on the land…                                          “It is our responsibility to ensure that all rubbish is contained”!  Which with four metal skewers dug deep into the ground surrounded by steel mesh to create a bin area IS what we had.. That was until some no good obviously desperate Derro stole the pickets and the whole thing collapsed on itself. BUT and I say BUT the rubbish was still surrounded by this mesh and the site was spotless compared to many other building sites..    I know It is me that has been going round litter picking and making sure nothing is “blow awayable”!                               **See pictures above in notice letter!!                                                                                                                                       SO light downer and we are going to write a rather nice objection letter, Then probably end up paying it!!!  Thus is life…. 🙂

The ceiling guys came back early Thursday morning to finish off & get out the way before the plasterers splashed everywhere. The guys knowing now that I am a keen photographer of the project had all whipped they’re pants up, before any bum shots were taken 🙂

Even with all the mess and splattering , it was cleared up quickly and all walls were smooth and ready for cornice & white set. Ross the Boss above making sure its done right !

On Friday Ross and his team from Southwest Plastering were back and throwing the finale rendering at the outside of the house. It was such a great day too with slight winds, warm blue sunny sky and temp at around 24*c making for a fabulous outdoor job day. Its been a nice week all round with the weather warming up a fraction, the grill has started blazing again ** OMG I love BBQ’S & more importantly I have the kids back out on the outdoor table. This also generally means that after dinner instead of heading upstairs to rape the internet they head towards the garden.

So far this week we have had the ceiling guys back in to put up all the cornice. We have trickier cuts and smaller areas downstairs so this has taken a bit longer. They are back again today sealing and filling any holes and edges ready for the painter to do his thing. Terry Bobcat is back today clearing the offending rubbish away, now that all the “messy” trades have been in, the rest of the rubbish should be mainly boxes, carpet /wood floor off cuts and paint tins and the like. Terry will also be back on Friday to scrape out the garage, the driveway and the side of the house by the store ready for the Grano *(concrete guy UK) to start.

OOH and more importantly I have sourced the oven of my dreams for a BARGAIN price $4439 on sale at $3489… the guy in the store will let me have it for $2500.. I nearly took the poor mans hand off, well I would have done if I didn’t have to check the ampage with the electrician  first. Its a pyrolytic one which heats up so much it burns all the crap out your oven. This saves you from plunging head first into the cooker looking like your trying to gas yourself and avoids all that nasty chemical crap that embeds itself into every cut and sore on your fingers and despite how hard you actually try, covers your clothes in brown frothy muck whilst doing it!! HELL YESS I am paying the extra for that baby. It just has a HUGE 6kw output as a downside.. I have been strictly told by Jon I am only allowed to use it on a day when the solar is throwing out 5Kw to counteract it.. So be it.

Anyways I know it was a long one but thanks for the persevere. I am through with promising to get better at updating this, We all know I will probably do it again.                           All I shall say is watch this space!!

Be Good x





3 thoughts on “So Many Things..So Little Time..

  1. I clicked ‘like’ on your blog but got the interrogation of user/password so didn’t bother. I might like you better if you didn’t make life so difficult for me. Sounds like I am making a pass.
    And a 6KW stove??? Are you going to nuke a whole cow at one go?
    Pleased to hear that building is progressing. Keep on battlin’.


    1. Funny that I have had the same issue with your blog!! Having tried a few times to enter and being denied I have also given up!! It’s hardly like it’s something so secret and of national importance to require so Much security !!
      My lit would probably eat a whole cow by the way 😂


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