Never Ending Lists

Well things are in a whirlwind at the moment blog lovers. Every waking hour is now directed at the final push on the house. Jon and I are broken, in many ways, but mainly back pain, stiffness and incredibly tired!! As you can all tell by the lack of a weekly blog, We have been extremely flat out. To add to our schedule this week was also Nathan’s 16th birthday- which whilst I managed to fit in a cake, grab a present and arrange required food supplies. We abandoned him to his mate, with cash for an outing to mini golf, bus fare and some ice cream of choice, PLUS the surrender of the house and pantry, whilst we *YEP you guessed it… headed up to our “Second home” to continue till dark.

I have to write this now or I won’t get another chance, tonight is back at the house after Jon finishes work and also tomorrow finishing off. I told Jon I would try n fit one in & promised Brett *(BIG shout out to the other supervisor reading this) I would do it after my shower.. Here it is!  🙂

I can’t complain at all this last couple of weeks, So many things have happened I have had to write them down so as to remember for this. So to start where we left of .. Terry Bobcat came and cleared all our rubbish away and levelled the store area and side access.

A couple of weekends back we wanted to lock the house up with doors and glass imminent. TA DA..!

Mondays Glass delivery- didn’t turn up until 4.15 & we have three large panels missing from the back which are delayed due to an error on sizes. PLUS these needed to be laminated, so they out “out of house” orders.

Monday was a manic mess with trade after trade thrown into the house, literally on top of each other to get completed before the painters came Tuesday to spray the house. These to name a few were Electricians, plumbers, glass delivery, ceiling guys and the white set finish on the plastering.

Tuesday the painters arrived early and masked off windows before spraying the ceilings and all door frames (as undercoat for gloss on doors) white. OMG what a difference paint makes, everything is brighter and lighter and looks sooooo much cleaner.

Wednesday saw the stormwater guy digging round & inserting drains where the downpipes land which then connect to the storm water tanks. I didn’t envy him, it was 28*c harsh sun & I was sweating watching him. The Plumber came back on Thursday to complete all his connections for the baths, showers, kitchen, utility and toilets before we tile. Friday he completed and Jon put a temporary extremely sexy PLY wood door on the front to secure till ours in ready. Its on special order as we wanted frosted glass- can’t have the world staring in. 😉

Saturday (Nathan’s birthday): Brian the tiler (although we suspect tis not his real name)?. & his crew came to screed the floors ready for tiling to commence. The bath is inbuilt          * (quite common here) using bricks, as is the “hob” around the base of the shower units and then all tiled over when finishing. Now we were going to get them to do all of the tiling, but as the bill came to so much we decided for the extra $2500 we could tile the downstairs floor and feature splash back. Brian is just doing the wet areas.. I:E.. upstairs ensuite, family bathroom, toilet upstairs, downstairs shower room & downstairs toilet. Jon n I were busy up there too, Jon Marking out each shelf and wardrobe before

putting up batons to hold the shelves in all the storage areas and me.. well I was there 35*c floor scrapper in hand, sweat pouring off me and really quite disturbingly red in the face, chipping all the cement, concrete, plaster you name it off the floors ready for tiling, carpets and wood floors. I swept each room out and after hoovering cleaned a couple of windows. Two slightly sore and blistered hands later, I was completely done.. in more than one sense of the word! *(if you remember I had done similar upstairs previously?.. Keep an eye out for the floor in the upstairs lounge where the tilers were preparing the mix for screed)!!!!

Jon’s lovely precise battened off shelves, ready for fronts and tops. rails are going in between the kids robes.

Well I am really, really late now to go get the shopping before fetching Boo.. I do “HAVE” to go as well, with the kids free range on the pantry and me not having much opportunity last week we are a bit on the bare side..

Catch you all next time xx



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