Nights on the tiles….

Hey house bloggers.. Well its been a weird old week, FULL ON house activity, long, long hours, late meals & Donald Trump!! REALLY America REALLY???.. Wednesday saw me glued to Twitter, Hell even Georgina had ABC news streaming live updates on the TV. It was the first thing Maddison asked when I fetched her from school. We watched in horror & disbelief as the masses apparently spoke and elected their “Hero” in to the white house. Its almost comical… Almost..I for one am extremely anxious about the fall out to come, I KNOW I am not alone in my thoughts! Well lightening the mood considerably and moving on, there is not an awful lot we can do, so watch we shall from afar…

Last Sunday Jon and I finally managed to move the floor tiles from our garage here to the house. These tiles were amongst one of the first things we actually purchased for the house and have been stacked awaiting the day we could actually start finishing our home. I  recall worrying about moving them twice and for good reason! They bloody weigh a ton, But they were an absolute steal-Italian porcelain and sexy as. We both sheepishly filled the cars with packs of tiles, Jon less so as he had all the tools and less room in the back than me. Keeping an eye on the suspension and seriously pimped down lowered Prado I slowly drove them up to the house and backed as close to the door as humanly possible. Whilst Jon set about laying them down, I kept busy mixing adhesive with the drill and an oversized egg whisk, carrying tile boxes from car to house & passing and scraping any messy splodges away. We left all the cuts to do Monday after work, just concentrating on getting the bulk down. The brick cleaner came and cleaned the bottom half of the house too on Monday.

Well Monday came Jon left for the office at stupid o’clock planning on being back early after doing his rounds to start on the tiling before it got too dark. I whizzed round the house doing my usual Monday morning OCD workout. I went to grab some well needed food supplies, Sorted dinner, whipped up the pack lunches and threw some washing towards the machine, So as to be ready to head up to the house with Jon. Well.. this is where the week started to go tits up. One of the supervisors had been sacked, Guess who picked up the workload? Including said crappity crap crap jobs he had been sacked over! Fanbloodytastic..To make matters worse his “patch” is now from Baldivis 15/20 minutes away through to Gosnells.. Which is an hour away near Perth! By the time he left the office, went to Ikea to fetch two vanities that were back in stock and arrived home via his usual round of jobs, It was hitting 5.45. Still with kids already fed we headed up to make some cuts before we lost light n it got too late to cause noise issues for the neighbours. We have spent every night up there since, with Wednesday night getting so dark, I drove the car to the front door and we used the headlights to finish laying them down! * I would just like to add in my defence of Jon breaking down yesterday, being stranded an hour away + waiting a further hour for the RAC to arrive – due to a flat battery.. IT WASN’T ON THAT LONG JON !!!!! 🙂           We also waterproofed the shower and bathroom areas before the tilers were due in. *Thats the green stuff, it stops any moisture leaks… well hopefully it does!

Tuesday we had the Termite treatment spray done bright and early before the Granno guys got here to prep the garage, aircon spot and store for the concrete pour.(courtesy of A&Cwilliams / Adam Granno)  it was all laid and smoothed perfectly by lunch looking amazing. Adam also re formed the broken kerb down the side of our land, as the shire / developers  did not rectify it when they finished the new development below us. Must have been one they missed 🙂   ?.

The tiles arrived from Crosby Tiles on Tuesday, which as we still haven’t had the wrongly sized glass replaced we had to sweatingly hulk upstairs (with the help of the lovely Samantha and Nathan) and distribute to the right rooms.. Anything to make a burglars life less easy!img_4754

Wednesday they did attempt to refit the glass.. however due to a now enormously stupendous further cock up was the wrong size again! It has been promised to be either fitted or boarded up by today!.. Thursday Centurion garage Doors came to measure up for the up n over. I dashed about sorting house things and sourcing blinds, curtains and tracks  *(I will tell you all about that drama in my next blog) then rushing back to clear all the film covering the tiles, hoover all the debris and clean up before Jon got back from work to grout the floor. In following how the rest of the week has gone, Jon despite thinking he would be back early as promised turned up at 4.15.. so we were again grouting in the dark- with an overly tired Jon. Its still not finished, we will get to it after the kitchen has been fitted!

Which brings us nicely to today. The tilers arrived fresh and early, Jon had to make a dash to Bunnings to get more waterproofer, as the company sending us the shower grate had sent us a larger one than the hole we left in the screed.. Bonus though 🙂     As the Ikea kitchen was being delivered this morning Jon sat at the house with his I pad and phone working from the car. Having quickly been to the Drs, doing the weekend shop and awaiting prescriptions. I get a text “meet me in Bunnings”.. Yes he’s back there again and theres a problem with one of the tiles we have picked. the feature tile for the family bathroom is only 75mm wide and the gap we have is 90.. despite a small selection there, they are the only place that holds stock and we needed it today. So we chose the dark version of the nice ones we have for the kitchen. * they are the black long shiny tiles on their own.

There was small issue with some marks and things on the ceiling, so the ceiling fixers are also back this morning touching up. Although the photo obviously suggests they are not doing much 🙂 ha ha ha…The Pano shot is the room FULL of IKEA flatpack we have to put together. Oh Joy… img_4777img_4778

So there we are, still broken, still tired but still plowing happily through. We will spend tonight, the weekend and probably two nights next week making & installing the kitchen. We have to have it completed by mid next week as someone will be out to measure up for the stone worktops and my lovely large Island. Putting all these touches in are the bits we have most looked forward to. When we moved the tiles from down here, we found a note Jon had put at the bottom of the pile saying “our house is nearly finished”. I hadn’t remembered it was there, but its hugely satisfying to see them placed and watching as our imaginations of design, colour and textures come in to being.


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