Flat Packing Fun…

Well you remember the photos of ALL those boxes last week?.. NO?.. well heres a quick reminder..

Guess where our last two weekends have been?.. oh and every night pretty much since! Jon has been getting up at five heading out to work early..(yes other than an office day.. FIVE A.M)!! So as to try and get home early to work on the house. On at least two occasions he has failed miserably and ended up working till five anyways… We are both now part of a new breed, the one where we eat at anywhere between 8-9pm and then sleep on the couch till we crawl into bed. The kids resorted to beans on toast the other night after realising it had hit 7pm and they had not been fed. Which resulted in them not be arsed to cook the dinner I had left for them..* They are having it tonight!.  Anyways…Back to talking about boxes, we ploughed our way through the room, emptying, building and making which is probably why our skip is now four foot high with cardboard, and to top that off we also had our vanity delivered in a large box this week. The latter box after hauling it upstairs with the tilers help – (it weighed in at 101kgs, the delivery drivers had NO intentions of carrying it upstairs). Did give me a good half an hours break and some fun, Stuffing Stephanie inside as she’s such a thin bean and trying to scare Jon. We had a little issue getting her out after so I had to tip her up, Considerably lighter than the original contents!

We are so stoked with the kitchen. I have drawn up a simple clean no mess design for Jon, which in Jon language translates to ‘Its been fiddly as Hell’ & ‘ You better bloody love it’ has been mentioned on more than one occasion. I built all the units whilst he secured floor battens, drilled through tiles and fitted them to the walls. By first Saturday end of play, I had built 26 units and Jon had fitted 12. Not too shabby for a days work is it?. Sunday I battled with the complexity of drawer making.. Yes its Ikea, Yes its printed clearly for an idiot to use.. There are several versions of said drawer depending where you plan on positioning it in the units. Lets just say it took me & Stephanie a while to get into the swing of things with those bad boys!


Our late night trip to IKEA: This weekend after a quick trip back to IKEA for supplies.

We have ploughed through the full wall of units and envelope section, completed the wooden end of the island feature, added bits and a few finishing touches. My fingers are Sore, sore, sore-The mean sadistic arsehole who invented multi positioning units which require stupid minute plastic plugs, needs bloody shooting! Either that or he needs to get his brain in gear to create an easy quick functioning “putter inner tool”. * now theres a thought. 2000 of the little buggers Jon bought – I will say we are short a few thousand more, But I have threatened him with death if he buys me any! Jon assures me he will buy them for someone else 🙂 img_4870                                                                                 We did have a minor issue with one wall,  In our measurements we had allowed a 10mm either side allowance so as to fit the units perfectly.They are flushed fitted, so the whole wall looks seamless and as one long smooth line. Well when we came to fit them we couldn’t understand why we didn’t have enough mms?. We didn’t find out what had gone wrong until Jon started hammering at it with a chisel found out it was 20mm thick each side! The plasterer in his wisdom probably thinking he was doing Jon a solid..had smothered the wall solidly in excess render.So leaving the chisel & taking it on with the heavy duty hammer drill, We smashed through it and removed it back down to brickwork. It did mean we have lost the sharp hard edge of the wall bead, but With some precise cutting, expert carpentry and a lot of screws the envelope wall emerged Stunningly smooth lined, and with HUMONGOUS amounts of storage.

Apart from stone measure which is Tuesday coming. Its all good to go. Kevin *(another supervisor & friend) says his was measured and delivered in the same week.. EEEKKK… 🙂  Ordered white glitter for the stone, its flecked with chunks of mirror chunks.                          I am desperate to peel back the plastic but painters are in on Wednesday and its perhaps best to leave it covered. 🙂  We managed to squeeze in some quick battening for shelved areas and skirting boards (where we can profit before floors). The painters can work their magic on them this week. We are using Graeme from Southern Cross painting as they are one of Jon’s best finishes.

The early part of last week saw the tilers finish our wet areas ready for plumbing finals & shower screens. We have downstairs W.C and shower room

Upstairs family bathroom * toilet is the same floor and feature wall tile.

& our en suite room, complete with vanity. Our bath is the same shape as the basins and will be delivered some time this week. I purchased it from over East for an amazing price online- The guy John was so helpful *via Ebay he even sent me a discount code. The store is Gianni and costa Great service. I have been trawling Ebay whilst waiting outside school for my kitchen lights. I have found the EXACT ones I wanted but also that they come from an Italian designer… Wont be having those then..Anyone know where I can source replica Rocko Berghese from? :-0

Our electricians made an appearance for one day last week. They are now not due back till after the painters, which is a sore subject I am not ranting about today!!                  The flooring people from Trevors Carpets came round to measure for the Marri wood floor, we have a little boxing of the stairs to do (they like them perfectly square) and a tad of grinding  concrete in some high spots thats all good to go on the 13th Dec with the carpeted areas following through on the 19th.

Our front door finally arrived-Courtesy of M & B Mandurah, which means at some point this week that very sexy, sleek new modern look plyboard temp has to go.. I kind of like its rattly, wind howling features. Its quite a wide door and Jon will need some help fitting it. I am hoping to get a stainless something or other to personalise the middle panel. Ill get back to you on that when I find what I am looking for..oh and where I can get it made cheaply..ha ha ha..The glass is obviously opaque for privacy.     🙂      The interior doors were delivered along with and we are now struggling to store them anywhere so they are not in the painters way & they won’t have to keep moving them around. We are so pleased with them-we shall hang and varnish them all before the flooring arrives. *Another night or two covered.

Right sorry for the MAMMOTH blog again, I do mean to quick short ones but theres never enough time! Im off to get changed into my scruffs, fetch Boo from school after a late dance class, throw some food at the oven for the kids and get up the house before dark.. Loves ya xx



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