House of Fumes…

It’s been another funny old week, despite having most waking hours either at the house or on the house, we haven’t actually been here that much or accomplished vast amounts of “left over bits” we need to address. I took two days off this week for the kids, well Georgina on Monday for the hospital & Maddison Friday for the state finals of rugby.  Jon and I also had Tuesday evening off *( We even bought noodles out) to attend Samantha’s Valedictory night. A proud moment watching the kids become young adults ready for what the world has to throw at them…. Poor Buggers, they have No Idea.. πŸ˜‚.     After the hospital on Monday it gave me the chance to catch up on some shopping, but of course the cleaning suffered subsequently. Tuesday in my wisdom as I was going to be home cleaning, I decided that I would arrange visits from sliding door people for the robes and linens! I actually spent nearly the whole day up here on and off walking people round and explaining the brief. The stone was also measured today and the guy went away with his notes ready for the stone to be cut. Terry bobcat also came and took away the rubbish and the offending grass along our back garden wall that nearly/ VERY nearly scored us a $250 “fire Hazard” fine from the shire. I swear they just drive round building sites looking for easy revenue targets.. It’s not like we live opposite a shire reserve that has free growing grass and years of fallen plant and shrub waste beneath it after all! πŸ˜‚

Wednesday I waited in for my freestanding bath to be delivered, despite the “we will ring and inform you a time”promise. The call came the day before and helpfully issued a “some point between 8-2”. Great scheduling guys πŸ‘ŒπŸΌYes, you also guessed the next line it came at 2.05. I spent the morning searching for my kitchen lights again. Graeme and his huge team of painters were here sealing the walls and preparing the house for paint finish. Graeme also takes on apprenticeship painters, which apart from the quality of paintwork gives me another reason to like Southern Cross painting. It is no where near as popular, the benefits to employers have been slashed to make it harder to do -BUT it does mean a whole lot of kids who dislike, or can not attend traditional learning through expensive courses can earn a trade from a previous time served generation. *( he’s the skinny cheeky lad in photo 2) πŸ˜€

It’s unusual for seperate colour requests on new builds here, as most go through a builder and it’s a normal 2-3 colour palette is all you get. We had to draw paint plans and leave any paint we were using in each room. It’s made a tremendous difference to how the house feels, it also has made the colours in our tile choices pop against the wall colour.Most of our colour scheme after living in the ” one paint suits all rooms rental” is fairly neutral. Nice,bright & airy creams *bleached straw combined with crisp clean whie gloss and cool sexy greys. All the kids will have a feature wall of choice added by us probably over an evening or our Christmas break?. In fact I think Maddison has the boldest colour option in her choice of a turquoise wall. It is also my accent feature colour, but mine will come through a nice paper with some sparkle I think. Just have to find one that appeals. The house stinks though.. Boo couldn’t stand to stay in here πŸ˜€ it’s like “New car smell … only New house ” πŸ˜€

Today’s Saturday, Jon and I were both busy till close of play yesterday. We had a sneaky peek up here at the finished paint work, but the week has again been hard and long, so we sat with the younger two kids and ate BBQ and drank wine. It had been 37*c all day – got to ease ourselves in to Spring properly!  Today hit 33*c before 10.30a.m, I bought Jon, Terry the bobcat and Ainslie plumber (who was here but now isn’t??). An icy pole up…. which luckily for Jon with the plumber missing in action meant he got two!  For me this morning started with me taking Maddison out for emergency school uniform (trial day at high school Monday). I snook in two plant sales on the way home (buying Jon a lovely fern for the garden) before changing into scruffs and coming up here to help out. However Jon is hanging doors THE gorgeous oak doors and they are just devine but apart from the odd hold this and that- I’m about as useful as a chocolate esky. So I took the pictures, wrote the blog and I think I shall go grab him a beer!

Have a GREAT day folks xx 😘 


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