No bloggers do not fear! Despite still consuming the odd Vino and Cider here and there  🙂  … We have not taken to the “weed”, I am talking about the dreamy stone bench tops that finish off my kitchen units. I have High white gloss units and had ordered white shimmer Qstone ,the contrast is amazing & just how I imagined and had hoped for.  Clean, crisp lines which when we accentuate with our shimmery stone, aluminium and white mosaic splash back & oak shelving right across the back wall will look stunning. It will also look great when we install the oven (that will come a lot later.. like when we move in). So anyway they arrived on Tuesday last week,

They had a small issue two with fitting the large stone top and so they left without gluing it down. When Jon arrived home we hauled it around and played with it a bit and its all good to glue. Its just one of those things we haven’t gotten around to yet. 🙂

You will notice we quickly unwrapped the kitchen envelope wall and most of the cupboards from the lovely blue protector sheets..It really is a dream kitchen for us to use, seeing as I currently spend hours stood in there its Perfect.

Also last week saw the electricians come back AGAIN.. they were due today too…… hmmnn..*cue Marge Simpson sound effects! This was for the continuation of sockets and data installs, pendant hanging, fan installation in the upstairs lounge & wiring up the box in the garage which isolates & trips if needed from the outside meter. We also had a lovely chap turn up and install the solar converter thingy. Jon did have to come all the way back from work to assist and it did have to go in a different place to where we had wired it to….but its done.. eventually…(note the number of holes we now have in the garage roof, we had to move the wiring around several difficult beams. Jon also had to cut and reconnect a couple to get through). The solar box is the big heavy industrial looking one on the right.

Jon and I are up at the house every night still, working till dark and finishing things we have started. *”Parents of the year award goes to..??….” The skirting is all complete now (apart from where we are fitting after wooden floors, gives a nicer finish!). The tiling has been completed in the utility, ready for us to finish grouting. My beautiful curved bath arrived from over East. EEEKKK! I have had it waiting in the hallway of our rental, teasing me asking to be opened and looked at. I have patiently waited and last weekend with the help of Nathan to lift it on top of Jon’s car, He drove gingerly up to the house and hulked the humongous box up the stairwell.

We could do with a teeny weeny bit more space between the bath and vanity. Which if we can ever get the plumber to come back and finish, we will try and con him into moving a tad..So we can pull the vanity back a little, but overall the match to the basins and how it looks are sumptuous, so many people have commented on the chestnut vanity/ buffet unit. I love natural fibres and products mixed with modern touches. We had some fun afterwards with the box..What is it with kids of any age and a cardboard box??..First up was Steph being “thrown” from the balcony..

Then up came Boo! Without knowing what we had done with Steph, she promptly jumps in the box puts the lid on and says “take my picture”.. LOL..img_5062

In some spare moments I have been out looking for Christmas gifts. Its hard now they are older and have so much, They have all said they don’t really want anything and are happy to donate all costs to a pool.. *( not that it will make a dink in the cost Ha ha ha)!  Steph bless her has asked for socks??.. and Boo suggested new trainers for school next year. We really are stretching ourselves thin on the pool though. The kids are maturing fast and will leave soon, there seems little point in a pool if they are not here. We don’t have time as a luxury to leave it out. 😦


Jon finished off hanging all the downstairs doors last weekend. These included three sets of glass double doors, a single glass door and several normal ones. Then just to completely get dooring out his system hung the back two store doors as well.. I think it fair to say “he’s over it”. Well whilst he was doing that and I was a bit spare, I thought I would hang Stephanie’s feature wall with her chosen paper of choice. After all she has been the one who has continuously helped the most, its only fair I do hers first! Maddison is a close second place for interest and help with the house. I called her up pretending her dad wanted help after I had finished. We think from her face she was a very happy bunny.

Talking about wallpaper, I have found and ordered two lots this week. One for the up stairs lounge TV recess, Which coupled with our red L shaped sofa will bring the room together nicely. The second for the downstairs family TV recesss, which we are also incorporating some more oak shelf work on. This is mainly because its a big wall and we have left over bits of wood.. 🙂 mustn’t waste it! I have tried to keep with in the grey theme of the room but add some focal interest with a bit of glitter & sparkle. The photo does not do it justice, and I am not sure Jon is keen. Nathan wasn’t keen when I got the Christmas decs out the loft and sprinkled glitter on his school uniform either, opting to blame a passing sibling of sabotage.. I held my hands up.. Maybe its a “man thing” to hate sparkles!

The final thing to share with you guys I guess is my Chandelier. The electricians didn’t want to fit the light at the top of the stairwell, quoting marking paint and needing scaffold etc etc.. well we will be buggered if we are paying for scaffold again, not to mention the time waiting to put it up take it down. They knew it was going there, they should have made provision when we had scaffold and they did first fix! So Jon said he would make the wires available in the roof space where they were happy to go?. Just another thing to add to his list…Late Sunday arvo for TWO hours with a  precariously placed ladder, me with heart in throat and Jon sat upon said ladder. I attached 65 crystal balls to 65 twisted wires added a hoop on either end, so as Jon could connect them to the light mounting bracket he had fitted on the ceiling.

Its so worth it though.. statement stairwell lighting to die for. Well it would be if we could test the LEDs and see it in action! Bloody electricians…. 🙂   * the last Pic is from underneath..

So there you have it.. things happening, things not happening and the end in sight.. Nearly 🙂   I have given written notice this week on our rental with a vague suggestion of mid January. We shall have to screw down a date soon. EEEKKK!


One thought on “Stoned..

  1. Beware trying to live in a building site. Task time may be doubled as you can’t just unbuckle the nail bag and drop your tools and pick it up next day. You have to ‘clean up’, the most useless toil ever inflicted on mankind (actually most of it inflicted on womankind), since the gods condemned some ancient Greek dude to endless roll a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll to the bottom again.
    If you have beach and public pool locally available, a private pool is a luxury you can do without. Unless you live in Darwin of course like Josie and clan, where the logical building plan is to build a pool first, after all you may spend most of the day in it, and just put up a tent. Then as the money comes in, a shade for the BBQ which gradually expands to become a house.

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