Its beginning to look a lot like…

Its that time of the year again, panic fills the air and its virtually impossible to find a park anywhere! At least that is, if you don’t have an hour spare to lurk like a curb crawler up every aisle, waiting to leap at the first space and angrily staring down any other driver who may try and steal your spot… I have been adding a few extra Christmas goodies to the food shop and as the kids aren’t getting much this year.. I am going to endeavour to avoid it.img_5094


Its been rather frantic for other reasons with us. With each job needing completion before other trades can come and start, we have been against the clock and with fading daylight to boot, have struggled to get things done. A few of the jobs this week been..drilling and installing the basins and tap ware to the vanity unit. Jon has been putting this off on the basis of his love for wood.. chopping into a solid chestnut piece is not his idea of fun!!                     It is really worth it though 🙂                                                                                     img_5118  img_5144             img_5143                                               Then adding shelving  to the inside of the linen…   The scullery was also in for a treat with an oak worktop fitted along the back wall, a gorgeous oak shelf above the fridge recess *(we still have a bit to add to that one)

img_5133img_5137 Saturday had been our planned day of doing the ‘boxing in’ of the stairs and grinding the ‘invisible’ high areas in the concrete floor. Jon was not keen on starting this either as filling the house with concrete dust is a HUGE no no.. but an evil that has to be done to make the flooring guys happy. It was ugly too-I have a sneaky suspicion its why my throats is sore this week. Jon wielding the floor grinding disk, me comically trying / failing to suck the dust up the hoover.. I gave up after like the first two seconds…Anyway we had other trades in the house Saturday so we left it till Sunday-then raced against the clock so we could attend the street party as requested by the neighbours.

The painters came back to finish off bits and varnish all the doors for us.. *Front door included. They just have touch ups and snags left to come back for, I haven’t been around with my post it notes yet 🙂

The electricians came back to insert down lights, check the systems and wire the inside of the box up. There have been a few words between Jon and the owner this week, followed by a lengthy e mail…. everyone knows Jon doesn’t get riled often!!..Anyways the lovely lads that work for him and do a great job.. came and got our lights on, so we can stay after dark and beaver *quietly* into the night..We took the opportunity one evening to go and paint the pink in Sammy’s room! Sam wants a wall of pink with rose gold wired bits. After the gorgeous pale grey in the theatre room it is quite a stark in your face colour. Jon and I are NOT overly liking it, it also clashes terribly with the wood floor colouring.

Moving on…  It was also the first time we got to see our chandelier on.. The great shadow photo is Boo’s mini chandelier.. All the other issues I am sure will be sorted soon?.

Centurion Garage doors arrived bright and early Thursday to install the garage and store doors. The garage is a motorised sectional up and over, the store is a motorised roller door, both in the colour bond colour ‘Paperbark’. I must admit I wasn’t keen when Jon said we were having that type of door! Not that I offered any other valuable alternative, it was just for a store so whatever Jon wanted was good enough, after all its more his domain out there :-).. It looks bloody brilliant though clean, functional and a super quick action make it a really good purchase.

This takes us to last night when the flooring guys had turned up early to prep and stake out the next job. The lads also took the opportunity to get a head start on today and fitted half a floor in the front living area…so Bonus points to Trevors carpets.This proved somewhat bitter sweet though, with the measuring guy telling Jon he only needed to fit back tread boxing in *(which we did at the weekend) and the fitter wanting FULL boxing in. Last night when Jon should have been at Boo’s dance concert and picnic with me-He was up at the house adding Plywood to the stairs with Nathan. Trevors certainly haven’t hung around though and have by lunch today done the below..

Tonight we are off to Mandurah city shire’s Christmas Pageant. A few happy hours where Mandurian’s of all ages, abilities and walks of life come sit along the foreshore as a parade of floats, marching bands and dance routines flood past, with Santa and his reindeer bringing up the rear of the procession. The ultimate finale fireworks over the estuary. We always go it gets you in the mood- and I personally love the bollards with tiny santa hats on 🙂 We have to take Boo tonight as she is participating and has to be there before 5-so picnic in hand from last night we didn’t eat, we shall make ourselves comfy and enjoy the evening sun.







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