2 days off & black bogeys 

Well I was hoping for a quick pre Christmas 🎄 update- bah ha ha.. that went out the window, as did the after Christmas 🎄 blog!  We had a great couple of days, did the usual opening gifts, Buck’s Fizz breakfast,morning beach swimm ( got dunked by a humongous wave- twice)!, afternoon BBQ and evening games-we did visit the house but no work was done! 

So I’m sitting in Stephs room, Jon is finishing trimming the blind and it’s 8.30 pm- we haven’t eaten again yet ( who needs food)? We do have wine / cider so we have those bases covered 😂 I really must update you all on progress. In a faster than ever / probably best post to read ever 😀 ? Here’s what’s happened..

  • Floors were finished- slight scratch, and need end bits need adding.
  • Carpets were fitted
  • Bathrooms plumbed & toilets
  • Shelves finished
  • Paint touch ups & grouting finished 
  • I’ve varnished & glossed like a demon ( see shelf pictures)!
  • Blinds are up

We have scheduled a moving day, and handed out a months notice in for the rental. This was great until we realised how many days we had left – what needed finishing- & how long each of those things would take. We had 11 days- we need 9 to complete ! SO- We made a list, several lists in fact detailing jobs and man hours, a packing regime, a “what the kids can do lists”, a TO DO list of people to inform and change of utilities… we are currently somewhat behind on our plan!

We did order a swimming pool though 😀, it’s the kids Christmas present until they are 40 😂 Boo and Steph test drove it out. They test dived ALL of them out!

I anticipate the next few days to be reasonably stressful, quite long but amazingly we are so close- I can smell the varnish, I’ve started the final clean- windows, mirrors , shelves, floors…..my god it’s been the cleanest build in history 😂😂 I have already bought several boxes and bits up and it’s looking fantastic. 

So bear with me, the final few blogs are close at hand. Let the packing frenzy commence . 💋


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