Backwards in time 

Well we are actually in!.. 😀We may not have technically finished.. but it’s in a habitable and filled state of house. The last few days have been some of the most tiring and demanding in my life, we moved half way around the world without this much “stuff to do”. 😂 So with it being January & most people still not remembering it’s 2017.. I thought I would take a moment to pop you all back in time to see what we have been up to.

We last left off with plumber issues and one working toilet..Well he came back slowly and did the bare minimum to get us in with Jon madly going round trying to help him. So we have… Three working toilets 🤗 hurrah and hot running water. What more do we need ?.. with it being summer we don’t actually need the hot water but hey..

Jon had installed all the blinds. The rooms all look finished off, clean simple and neat.

Rob (the Brickie Jon originally wanted for the house build)! Came to do our wall with his Labourer Mo *short for Mohammad, lovely funny guy from Persia. Rob is a really quick, clean Brickie.. and in no time our wall was up- leaving a 2 metre space for the bobcat to enter and dig the pool out. We watched from the house as our view of the sea from downstairs was blocked out. It does give us privacy, with so many windows and alfresco being close to the road on the side a necessity. Following Rob completing the back section also gave us a better idea of where & what time the shade falls in the garden and alfresco areas.Which I can bear in mind when I turn my thoughts to the garden and landscaping.. Also LOW priority list! 🤣

Ooooohhh…note my new herb and garden planter too. Can’t wait to get my kitchen garden up and running again…also Mo forgot his hat one day and constructed a rather fetching & ingenious devise..

Southwest Plasterers Ross and his team were back to render the outside for us in cream sandfinish. All we have left to do is insert the wood effect slats along the tops.. which is on a LOW priority list somewhere?… 🤣 The hole will be filled up once the pool has been excavated on the 24th.

 Ross the owner here in my planter.. what a lovely 🌾plant he makes 🤣

Inbetween all this happening we also had to complete our TOP priority lists.. some we have some well… who cares?   Jon did all the hard bits and I followed finishing and fetching. The kitchen got a sparkly tiled splash back, along with the laundry and scullery. Jon stuck, I grouted- though next time we are swapping jobs as I have blisters on my blisters, and my hands are so sore n swollen. 😟


We had the tiler back to finish the bits he couldn’t do till the plumber had been. Which held up some Showerscreens going in. *some are still to be completed! (Surprise 😂😂). Jon siliconed and sealed those that had been done. Finished the blind installs-bricked up the store damage from the scaffolders with Robs help-dug out a footing for the planter and buried conduits for electric and water through it (the BBQ will be alongside it)-also made a wood scaffold so the aircon guys could FINALLY come back and complete.. guess what? We still don’t have aircon as they also need an electrical aircon installer to come connect it.. who like the rest of the team just don’t bother or have excuse after excuse…. BUT moving on 😬..we have a Roof full of insulation to go in stacked in the garage, the aircon guy will have to crawl through it now we can’t keep putting it off. All the kids were on strict orders to pack and clean rooms, Sammy did here’s before she started back at work and Georgie similar only with more stuff and a longer timescale 🤣. Inbetween the two-ing and fro-ing from each house with car fulls of boxes and bits amassed in three years we also had an inspection of the rental – as we are a” breaklease” *just a month though 😃. So Jon up here and me down there cleaning & hiding away boxes 📦 was just what we didn’t need… But it will save us a months rent if someone takes it, one lady will be back Tuesday for another look with her husband. It’s hard to hide the cracks and dirt with no furniture in though 😬

The pavers started on Friday, they will take a good few days. Doing the driveway, paths and alfresco areas.

So that’s you all up to date on last / this year. I will finish doing bits with Jon, settle in and take some great shots and next time we will do “The MOVE Day”.. Just all know we are in, we’re happy.. over the moon happy actually 🙃 we just need a couple to recooperate. Catch u on the next one xx 😘 


2 thoughts on “Backwards in time 

  1. I admire your efforts Kate. Your hands-on approach and direct involvement in design, and the labour of execution. And I am sure you pass credit along to Jon for his knowledge and skills to keep things on track. You are a formidable team. Just imagine if you were a precious hairdresser frightened of breaking a nail, and Jon a pampered lawyer who couldn’t change a light bulb. You would have been shafted. Not because tradesmen are villains, but because you have to respect them to do a good job. Your comment “Rob is a really quick, clean Brickie.” actually makes him a quick clean brickie on your job. Consider rewarding the good blokes with recommendations on your local networks. These guys are really employable. Anybody who didn’t meet your expectations should be rewarded with a deafening silence.

    It was a mighty wrench from the UK to OZ, but I have a feeling the one who benefited most was Sammie. She seems to be choosing her own way. I think Oz is a great place to be a girl.


    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes I am long overdue a trip to a hairdresser or nail bar… (if I were particularly bothered about such things 🤣)! Jon is way overdue a holiday.. 2 ½ years without one maybe longer.. and poor old bugger is back in work tomorrow after the Christmas break. i am hoping he gets a few days off whilst Neil & Pam are here and we travel around WA a bit together.. A trip to Rottnest is deffo on the cards.
      Ironically your comment about trades charging is very true- a friend called last night and said she had our kitchen tiles in her previous house.. Italian porcelain beautiful tiles that had cost her $12’000 to have fitted!!! 😱 when I told her they were the first thing we had purchased back in February – TWO full months before we even had a slab, I thought she may punch me.. we paid less than $30 per Sqm (hence why we bought them then) & we fitted them ourselves as Jon’s tiler *the guy who did our wet areas wanted $2000 just to lay them…

      All the kids are flourishing here, I am over whelmed at how Far Steph has come on not just academically but emotionally, in the family group and socially. All of them are carving out their own paths here and are a credit to us both. The school reports on comments alone from all three younger ones made me burst with pride. Don’t get me wrong the grades were good, however the comments “mature” , “pleasant”, “responsible”, & other such genuine qualities…that’s who I want them to be! Happy, confident people who have a place in life they choose, being kind to others and strong enough when needed to stand up but most of all to enjoy being that person. All of them are on that path, what more could we ask?.

      This year is going to be about me. With Boo in high school, I have more time in a day and we need to re-coup a VERY low bank balance 😂. I will be marking my own way in Perth this year- one way or another . Watch this space x


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