The BIG move:

The night before was a flurry of disassembling madness, whose bright idea was it to have so many Big beds all with hours of deconstructing??. Thankfully the younger lot had set to early in the week, Nathan leading the command and taking down Boo’s, Steph’s , Sammy’s & rather unhappily at the end his own. So by the end of the week the whole fam were in Matresses again on the floor…. *mental images of the last time in cold Wales ❄️❄️

Saturday morning came all to quickly and with a revised time of 7am.. were up and still drinking the daily caffeine hit when the “Little Green Truck” turned up at ten to- from there it was all hands on, fast pack drive up the road, throw it out repeat! Having done several million loads in Eek, I was still in filling duties ( my elbow and shoulder not in fit states to heavy lift)! Carl turned up to help Jon and with the driver we were all heavy items cleared by 11 am.

The pavers had started the Friday before, Terry Bobcat was doing his thing & so were the plasterers. The house was a Hive of activity 🐝

Boxes were strewn throughout, mostly named boxes for each room, but with multiple bin bags of clothes, shoes & teddies (Boo)! Some took a while to position.. Mostnof Georgina’s boxes and cupboards are located in the store for when she moves… so much stuff!! 

Georgina ordered pizzas for us and we stopped for a quick snack, a glass of bubbles and then started again. Fridge, freezer, washing machine- Jon ploughed through them all.. this also included a quick trip to Bunnings because our carefully measured opening was tight 😂😂 and the water valve the wrong connection to our last one! By three o’clock when all the trades had left and the house dropped quiet we sat, not on the floor, not on a dusty worktop but on our sofa. We could have snoozed, Jon did actually have a few 💤. Finding our second wind we continued, Nathan was spectacularly caught on his bed four times asleep, with each waking provoking an immediate incoherent answer from his lips

Samantha was at work so Nathan and the girls did her room first, then they busied themselves putting away all the mess. It continued till around 8 for me when Jan and crew turned up for a look, which obviously included a few drinks. Jon carried on and after they left he showered before falling asleep on top of the doona at half ten. Me? Well I crept down poured a large glass of Marlborough and sat quietly contemplating the day, listening to the stillness and sound of the house. Happily wandering to bed after midnight- we are in 😊

Sunday morning I was awake early at around 5, I tried to slumber. Ack but my mind was up- So should I be. Not wanting to wake Jon, I silently posted last weeks update, then desperately needing to open the blinds and sit looking at my brow , I prewarned Jon strode to the window and threw up the blind.. OMG I sat and Faceached for a while, twittered and just enjoyed We took it slow on Sunday, I let the kids sleep in, Jon till nearly 11..meandering through Bunnings *again 😀 sorting boxes and just taking it steady. Carl and Tara popped round to see if we had settled in and bought Boo a “moving in” gift from Miss Mollie. Carl staying to help Jon install our glass toilet door whilst Tara and I lounged in the egg chair on the balcony glass in hand 🥂.

We have so much to do- this week has seen us doing the massive vacate clean, after three years renting there has been some serious touching up going on.. *paint 😂

So almost… almost… 


One thought on “The BIG move:

  1. Yeah! It seems your marathon sprint (both long and fast paced) is nearly over. With fitful help from the kids. Poor Nathan. Teenagers are noted for energy, but not for stamina. Bit like a 10p firework. All over in a few seconds. A glass toilet door seemed a bit avant garde, but on reflection would instantly show who has squatting rights so to speak. I presume it is suitably fuzzy.
    I raise a glass to congratulate you (well that is handy, there seems to be one right here), for your persistence and expertise in pulling off this major project. At some time in the future, I hope you realise that I will have to inspect the premises to ensure you have done a good job.
    In the end, the only important thing is that you enjoy living in the space/place you have created.


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