Getting there slowly.

I am just getting better & better at this blogging- must be one of my all time longest lapses between updates 🙂  Despite the lack of these it doesn’t mean we have kicked our shoes off, laid back in our sand pit and congratulated ourselves with champagne. Absolutely not! Whilst we have sllllooooowwweeed  down to the speed of an arthritic tortoise we have been very busy. Jon more so at work and with the house still very much not finished and things needing attention. That coupled with the things that have broken, pretty much gives us the one step forward- three steps back phrase. We have been enjoying being outside though.

So what have we been up to?. Lots and lots of little niggly bits- a silicon here a fill there, sanding bits , paint touch ups & general endless unfinished stuff. Well one weekend has been totally taken up by putting the insulation in the loft. It took several hours, hey its a BIG loft. *Someone as yet to be identified has put their foot through he ceiling by the man hole.. like I said one forward 3 back 🙂 We had to wait until the aircon was fully fitted and working. Our aircon is up, running and pretty good. The guys managed to dent my new timber floor severely upstairs and gouge a scratch out the down stairs office! – Which despite me going mental- they should have been here months ago and completed before finishings… ! in the scheme of things that have happened to it since, I am resigned to the fact its going to look VERY lived in. I have totally cleared out the garage and store room and neatly placed everything on shelves and in order.This is mainly because we couldn’t get either car in the garage! Our linen doors arrived, all three kids have robe doors and both up and down linens are now sealed from the dust.

Our biggest news 🙂 was the arrival of the excavator to dig our pool.. EEEKKK…! 7 am start bobcat and truck to take away the HUGE amounts of sand *(roughly 50 cubic meters).

Then around ten am the crane turned up and waited for the pool shell to arrive on the back of a “wide-Loader”..Its a dark blue fibre glass shell with added extra sparkly bits for me..before strapping her up and positioning the pool into place.

A snug fit into the back yard, some levelling, checking of measurements from walls and boundaries and thats it.. Pool in!

The day after saw the plumber turn up and connect all the pipe work- and thats where we stalled…. its been three weeks since they installed it and things much like our  house have slowed right down. The electricians didn’t come till late last week *we think he was either not told or forgot, as he turned up pretty much after Jon had called them!  This wasn’t our old electricians Lol.. the pool companies. Then came the “header” guys who installed the edging to the pool. We hired a pencil compactor two weekends ago to compact all the sand back around the pool so we don’t get sinking of the pavers. This took us five hours wetting down, compacting and filling in good and solid.

Anyway we have rung and asked the question of when they are going to come clean the thing and handover.. Apparently it will be Friday when Jon is off..? We shall see.. The kids are desperate to get in it and apart from the initial swimming session- its been too hot and without chemicals they WERE NOT getting back in it.. The water boatmen are loving it, especially when you turn the light on at night.. *should get you one of those photos..

We took Australia day off, nice casual lay in. We all had a stroll around Mandurah and walked to the western foreshore to look at the flotilla of boats that gather every year..It was blue, warm and sunny perfect excuse for the stop off at Simmos ice cream on the way home-BBQ dinner finished us off.IMG_5488.JPG

The kids started back at school for another academic year. Just noticed Boo is missing-she stayed at a friends house who actually has a swimming pool..Smart girl!img_5524

I have been out buying plants-bargain plants and mega sized plants and such fabulous things.. can’t wait to get some soil delivered and them in the ground.. Its hard staying alive in WA. The above lime tree is one of my purchases. I have also FINALLY managed to source some railway sleepers.. Now these bloody things are like unicorn dust.. I had kind of given up hope and started to redesign my garden out front.. Then like a wonderful omen, ta da img_5544five of the lovely beauties.. They will be stood up in a semi circle type manner, all at varying heights.. quite excited.

The weekend just gone saw us tiling the balconies. We can’t put glass on till they are tiled and we have had other things to sort. Jon has made a great job… Now completely ironically I have just been interrupted writing this. The lovely man from the compliance office at Mandurah council has just come to ask us when we are planning on installing glass to the balconies. Someone-proabaly the bitch that got us the fine for the rubbish that was actually very well contained, has rung in and complained.. Thanks love, how nice.. why are people so interested in each others crap?.. or a simple knock on the door “Hello”, I’m completely obsessed with knowing what your planning can we chat?.. hhhmmmnnn.. & breathe… It gave me a great chance to show him the pool fencing. They will still have to come back and check when the gate is on *( we have a permanently fixed plywood sheet there currently).. But as I phoned yesterday to talk to them asking questions and quoted Dianne’s name… You can see we are only too keen on compliance! HA.. screw you nosey person!!

That takes us pretty much to today- where Rob the brickie & Mo his labourer have filled the hole in the wall and made us our letterbox. Just the render to complete now and we are good to garden.

So back up to date- I have got a cleaning routine pretty much up to scratch. I have had several visits from friends wanting a sneak peek.. some have seen it clean, some not so much LOLZ.. Everyone keeps asking when the house warming is…?? well when we have some garden and maybe a spare weekend to arrange one 🙂   Im not holding my breath! Catch you next time ..



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