Turn down the heat and simmer slowly…

Things have been wild, hectic, relaxed, stressed, fraught and fun. It has been a strange month to say the least. We spent the early part of the month desperately chipping away at… “The list of the unfinished”, in a seriously MAD attempt to try and have things completed before our very first house guests arrived! HAH!.. whilst we moved mountains and performed miracles on the scale of a modern day pair of Greek gods, we are still lacking an end in sight epiphany..  So when they day actually came for my dad and Pam to arrive, The house went from a hot fast boil to a more sedate slow cooking simmer. In-fact most nights were spent like this..IMG_5654

Anyway to get you all up to speed, we left off with the pool being installed, pipes fitted and general over due bits and bobs that needed finishing.. We FINALLY got on the phone to Aquatechnics , who had moved dates and changed things around, resulting in delays for completion. The pool guy turned up bright and early with his wife and removed the ton of sand from the pool and set everything going.. *(In hindsight we should have just left it, we have had a storm and its three inches deep in places).. bloody sand..

The kids have been having a blast in there..Nathan even cleans it out on a regular basis with out asking!! We just need the flipping Pavers to get their sorry arses back and finish. Now the big bits done & paid for they have other “bigger” jobs, and are just fully booked out. Im spewing though as its been a good month and a bit since we have asked. We desperately need it paved so we can get the cover ordered and on, to reduce the sand, wind & evaporation problems.

Having had our wall patched up and closed in by the Brickie.. Ross plasterer came back to throw render at the wall & letterbox. Hugely excited, the minute it was close to dry I was out like a fat gazelle with the shiny new silver insert in hand itching to get it in place.. that was until we realised Brickie Rob had made it five mm too small.. BUGGR *always something that takes you two steps back and requires extra work.. Jon will grind it out later…

Waiting for the flooring to be completed on the stairs has also been an ongoing drama.. Trims wrong, out of stock, wrong colour and so forth.. I think this was also installer error, by forgetting to follow up/ mention it to the company.. So after a few slightly suggestive health and safety words in an e  mail from yours truly.. They promptly came out and finalised everything outstanding.. We can order glass for the stairs now and handrails.. * we need to source the latter first 🙂   Beautiful finish-we are thrilled.

So there we were limited weekends available, actual work hugely hectic for Jon and a list longer than the notes from JR Tolkiens’ Hobbit. The sun chose these weekends to finally visit us with temperatures we had been longing for, only for us to be out burning to a crisp in it and sweating gallons out of every … well you can imagine…First up we did Boo’s picture feature wall..Kevin could have his compressor back.IMG_5583We painted and made Nathan’s features.. but due to his lighting not arriving in time, that is yet to be attached to his walls..*(it is in situ) photos will follow..We ordered and took delivery of the long awaited bar stools, Only for Jon to spend three hours setting up saw and angles to cut them to the right size… SEE every job creates three extra.. 🙂    TBF we did know they were too high , but the price and style swayed the sale. $$$

One of the major jobs we wanted to complete was some sort of order & control *(ha ha ha ha) in the sand pit. The wind through the front kept throwing sand under the door, *another job we covered-door sealing! So a nice NON sandy walk to the front was required.. CUE Millico Spring into action.. Yep you guessed it, back to measure, chop, nail & DECK-All apart from the sweltering sun and hotter than hell temps it was just like the good old days!  The new chop saw even works when its not wet…                                                                                                                                              Given our design for the front with lots of natives and stones to reduce our water consumption and costs. We have gone all big, chunky and rustic looking. When it has dried for a few more weeks, we will be giving it a darker stain at some point to blend in with the railway sleepers & plants I have bought.

I have been trying desperately to keep all our plants alive in this heat. Some we have lost which is maybe just as well, not over keen on watering and gardening- if you don’t take hold and live, you are going to die little plants!! Some I have repotted in a bid to encourage them. We only have two watering days a week-Weds & Sat, so we have to make the most of those days. My planter is currently a nursery whilst we wait to finish it off.

So after a week off with Dad n Pam, Jon went back to work and we pottered around and all too soon as does happen-It was “FLY BACK DAY” 😦           Dad as usual left some things behind, so is now under contract to come back and collect them. It will give us a chance to breathe and finish off the house, so next time we will be complete.. IMG_5643.JPGSaturday last was a slow day- much needed lie in for Jon ( which for him was closely followed after breakfast by a sleep on the couch).. Bless! Nine months of hard work & graft takes it out of you.. We got busy and went to Crabfest…. So when Sunday came we felt a tad guilty, So whilst I went to fetch Steph from a birthday party in the back of beyond up near Perth.. (she was shooting something- it was a “must go”kinda thing) Jon set to with Nathan and installed… Wait for it..MY SHOWER SCREEN in the family bathroom.. after months of waiting for the bloody stuff, they are back in stock.. HURRAH!!!                                                                                                                                                       Then they went on to all the back balcony glass…                                                                                    **I must mention dear father for his assistance in helping move said glass:**                            and were just completing the finish as we arrived back. The front balcony was done, we nipped over the road and helped Maxine with her rotten wooden finials and still had the time to fit my shiny letterbox.. Weekend work commences once again…

So there you have it in a nutshell folks..A dash-a break-a plod then back to normal play..         I wonder what this weekend will bring??


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