Working weekends…

Just a quick little update on our week / weeks in the house. Does anyone actually know where the time goes?, the kids are already on wk 10/10 of the first term!                                                                                                                        Our house marathon as you know is now a slow jog, we are in, the weekly routines are set and life continues again. Already the maintenance has begun and touch ups, mends and make do’s are common place. We amble through weekends with slow lay ins for Jon to recover from the week.. lazily followed by breakfast. We still have a list but its not going down much.

Anyway to keep going with the current lazy trend- The last couple have been just that!. We have done a spot of housing but we are saving ourselves for the Easter weekend onslaught that is fast approaching. I refer of course to the GARDEN.. the long awaited chance to see if any of my plants are going to survive??.. its been a difficult battle and time consuming watering everything in sight. I have purchased a few more though on a lazy jaunt we took last Saturday to Safety Bay.. The long desired Prickly Pear being my favourite, hopefully the banana palm should bear fruit this year if I get it in the ground quick enough.IMG_5852I purchased nice numbers for the letterbox, which Jon expertly fitted, he also hung the mirror in our bathroom.

Nathan feature as promised in the last blog.. It looks really good in the dark, perhaps I should grab one of those another time?.IMG_5823We bought and fitted a gate for the side access to the pool area- Its still needs a bit extra at the side but we need the off cuts from the side fencing to complete this… Which we haven’t got yet!. We will have double gates to match this at a later date…??.. Possibly 🙂

The BEST BEST BEST bit about this week is we finally have had the pavers here today. *Hence the garden blitz being Easter weekend..Jon with the help of Nathan had laid the retic pipes ready for any plants and pots I may have around the area. The pair of them also shovelled several tons of sand where it had blown into mounds in certain areas. All in preparation for them coming today…

They arrived early as usual 6.30!! I had to leave mid morning for an appointment but was back by 12ish and they had already finished, packed up & left… Which is a shame because not only did I want to say thank you and bye.. but Poor Ranga *he’s the Ginger in the orange shirt in-case your wondering about the slang… Well he lost his grandma last night and I wanted to say how sorry I was. Especially as his mum is ill too in hospital, But he wanted to keep his mind busy and not stay off work! So for everyone reading, this is a special thought for him & his family. 🙂

Well I met Jon after my appointment and promised when I got back I would forward photos.. so here they are, You will all notice how much sand is still in the pool. Maybe we have a cat in hells chance of limiting it a bit now??…

So everyone up to date with the blog. I have ordered the pool blanket, which will be fitted on Friday morning.. (real quick service Elite pool covers)..Now just the bobcat to take the final sand and rubble away. Us to prep and try and make some sort of garden in our sand pit, I can’t wait… chicken poo, mulch and stones here we come! 😉



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