Putting down roots…Oh & Retic!

Our attention over the last few weekends and Easter have been about the garden!. But before I dig & delve into that.. 🙂 I shall just quickly show you Boo’s feature lights.. *Well nice fairy twinkly lights I have added to her chalkboards. It looks a little strange in the pictures, but the effect and subtle glow is really pretty for her room. A “before & After” shot.

So to the outdoors we go….Literally we are throwing down our roots in Australia good and proper!  After the pavers had completed the pool surrounds and we had shovelled out and repositioned the sand we needed for final levels. Terry Bobcat was back on the scene with trusty Bobcat and truck to remove the HIDEOUS pile of rubble and un-level front garden area.

Jon had ordered a “special” Easter gift for me..IMG_5928Eight cubic meters of the stuff… Well I am not going to get any fatter this Easter :-)…… As you can see we still have an attractive pallet sculpture in the background. *Its all the rage-pallet shabby chic, trust me… 🙂                                                                                                                            That weekend we set about creating the borders for the back garden, flattening and levelling off the “to be lawned area”. *note this is now actual grass, NOT astro..So we need a watering system *(retic). Moving the trampoline to its final garden position. It is still as you can see quite large & dominating!. Boo is still loving it, so its staying for a while!. As per usual on any warm n sunny day, it wasn’t overly easy and most of us were out back sweating, digging, concreting in and wishing generally we hadn’t started..

Now Jon had been putting these last bits off. Not that he can’t do it, we all know he can do everything and anything assigned him! The retic is something that living in the UK you don’t think about or appreciate not having to do this, Certainly in Wales it is NEVER a consideration, as it bloody rains all the time anyway. If you needed lawn over there, its a quick level, If your nerdy maybe a weed kill and then throw some seed at it -Cross your fingers & hope for the best!. Usually in a few weeks you have a beautiful lush green lawn. Here, it requires planning, lots of planning. First you need a programable water system with adequate stations to reach around the whole garden and depending on the water pressure and types of watering method you require, how many can work at once….etc..etc..well you can see our dilemma!                                                                                My kind of planting has always been mish / mash, a place it and see, a swap & move as need be kind of thing.. Jon wanted plans and positions and detailed amounts of water each thing needed.. Its been tough, so we have gone with an overall general it will do method! 🙂    So after careful consideration of the quotes we have had from local companies… HA HA HA… God they must be all living in mansions and driving Bugatti’s!!    Jon & I took ourselves down to Bunnings (its fast becoming our romantic getaway place) armed with a detailed plan in hand.IMG_6144An hour or two later we emerged with solenoids, valves, hoses galore, a watering system, connectors, clips… you name it we had it! Or as we later found out, we actually didn’t and had to make two more trips back for extra supplies and forgotten things such as weed matting and front border edging!.. Still a few Thousand $$$ cheaper than the D.I.Y price from the professionals.  Armed with pipes, glue and a Miller Chill, Jon spent Good Friday night constructing  a manifold for the pipe works. Jon tried to play it as a guitar and Nathan…. Well Obviously too much Fall out 4!!! 🙂

On Saturday we started the loooonnnggg… process of running pipes all around the garden and connecting sprinklers and water sprayers. Nathan Dug the trenches, I dug the holes for the sprinklers and Steph & Jon connected pipework and sprinkler nozzles. Jon had already had the pre thought to lay large storm water piping across the drive and around the house, which made the insertion of the hoses ‘slightly’ less difficult to pop through.

As you can see in the above first picture, we have waterproofed and visqueened the walls and herb planter. Maddison busily painted the thick black damp proof all around the walls and herself for us 🙂  This was of course AFTER we had dug all the soil out the planter Terry Bobcat had kindly scooped in with his bucket for us… 😦   We then scooped it all back in with spades!!!.. The other two borders around back were NOT so easy and we all sweated , swore and Barrowed 6 cubic meters into the back yard! I also had clever pre thought… Paracetmols before sitting down & bedtime!!

The front was a relative breeze to fill.. As yet we have not finished constructing the front areas- Just the one under sammy’s window as yet. This is also waiting for stone ?? or mulch?? to surround it. Maddison has helped me today planting the rest of my herbs and veggies, and finalising the planting and Zamia bowl out front.


The only other exciting thing that has happened is the purchase of some long awaited upstairs balcony seating. Absolute bargain $$ from Seagalls. I managed to squish n squash, Albeit some of it needed unpacking and a lot of imagination.. into the back of the Prado.. Drove home with my face in the windscreen- Then with the use of a trusty tin opener, gouged it all back out at home 🙂   Nathan was on hand to help me construct it before Jon got back from work!. The egg chair was already there but completes the over all look…

This next weekend will be more front yard digging, border structuring & more sprinkler installs and maybe a look at lawn $$…

“Paracetamols will always be available be available for those that ask for help”!.  🙂



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