Rounding-up the weeds..

Its been a couple of weekends hard spent in the garden, And we are still not ready for grass this weekend! Little bit miffed if I am honest, but mr “Do it right” has several fair points I can not argue.

1: The weed needs destroying before we turf, otherwise the cost of our grass is wasted if it pops its ugly head through..     We bought Round-Up                                                                                                             2: The edging we have been desperately searching for! Really , really does need to go in the ground before we turf up to it…      I met a lovely man who is sorting this out!                                                                                              3: We have THE BIGGEST mole hills in the front garden that need fattening down. *NOTE this is Jon’s wheelbarrowing technique not our new pet! 🙂                                                                                 As you can see we managed to finish the front border off and inserted the sleepers ready for a nice lovely two headed grass tree to be positioned as our finishing feature.

Last weekend we spent some time marking out, fetching copious amounts of Karri mulch, extra trailers full of soils & stone to cover the weed suppressant matting.

Jon and I dug out and planted our desperate poor collection of plants. They have been dying slowly as we couldn’t get them into the ground.. All apart from my lime tree look incredibly much  happier..

Sunday we took the day off and went to the Perth Garden Show. Up in the city at Mc Callum park (where chillifest was) We wandered around masses of plant stalls, metal artworks, mowers, lawn providers, even a Bonsai society! Myself emerging in everything green, spikey and exotic, Jon looking at lawn mowers. Steph just wandered along 🙂  OH talking about Steffi… I upgraded her lamp shade! It had been on the agenda for a while, I just haven’t gotten round to it. Maddison was in on it and kept asking “when”.. but hey Ho… IMG_6192Anyways……Lawn mowers here are ridiculous prices! For a self drive version its anything from $800-$2’000.. *obviously there are much dearer ones, but these are “normal cost” varieties.. We left there having not purchased one or learning much more..  I did however purchase an Edible Tumeric plant, edible Ginger and a rather nice ornamental ginger called Christmas something or other that has the wildest red flower spike ever… Coupled with my Cardamon plant I bought earlier in the week… I am in food growers / cooking heaven! Well to my surprise this week it was totally worth going as I only managed to bag myself a BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE fire pit, filled with a stunningly huge swathe of succulents. I drove up to Ocean Reef this morning and fetched it from the bubbly Owner Jenny. You should all head straight to her page, the designs are just gorgeous & with winter on the way.. its just perfect to keep out the chill. unique feature fire pits. *also on FB 🙂IMG_6201

So there you have it.. still plodding on slowly with the garden, We have a hectic Saturday planned & hopefully… just hopefully we may have grass next weekend???…




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