well watered…

We finished 🙂 … Well ok the garden is never finished and I still have, much to Jon’s dismay been swapping plant pots and bargaining on several FB plant pages for extra stock! It has been a mixed couple of weeks, I managed to source the metal edging I wanted for the borders. After calling into most of the steel makers in Mandurah & surrounds, being turned away often, a lovely lady in Midas steel suggested a place over the road and BINGO!                                                                                                                                 I ended up at Southern sheet metal works on the industrial estate, fabulous guy Mark listened drew pictures for me and suggested best depths, width etc.. Highly recommend. Mark Barret Southern sheet metal. Ordered it on the Wednesday, made to special order- Finished Friday Arvo ready for the weekends work to commence. Jon and I picked it up and spent Saturday creating our bendy borders. The welder sprung into action for the first time since the roof and structural beams had been welded, Jon also giving Stephanie a quick lesson in the art before we packed it away.

Having got some sort of form for the borders we spent the rest of Saturday & all of Sunday driving back and forth between Rock “N’Loam on Gordon rd. Great guys loaned us the trailer overnight and kept us a running Tab. We had some soil left over but had to have a trailer load or two to fill up the BIG front sections. We put down weed matting, Jon ran irrigation pipes and positioned them through –

I planted out what we had and then we made more trips to in fill with rainbow quartz stone. There is quite a few tonnes of soil, stone and mulch *(well mulch is a bit lighter, but you still have to shovel it )! The kids all helped between them with varying stages of interest. This is the front section behind the decking completed, Hopefully looking a bit more bushier when the plants take hold 🙂IMG_6214

Borders in Jon was happy enough for us to get our grass ordered and delivered. 7.30 AM sharp as promised the guy was outside with his truck unloading 205 sqm of Sir Walter Buffalo grass. Feeling rather unmotivated at the sight of so much grass to hulk n bulk about plus lay, with both of us still Coffee in hand trying to shake off “morning’ feeling. The actual thought of completing it and not spending another weekend playing in the sand spurred us on. Kids were called *abruptly awoken from their little dreams via the action of loud verbal threats…. out of bed into action.. and with their very appreciated wheel borrowing of turf from front to back- Jon and I started laying..

Once round the front, the kids redundant from using the barrows mucked in and started helping lay…In roughly three hours we had the whole lot laid down and stood back to survey the impact green had on the house. WOW- what a difference a day makes..All that was left to do on Sunday was hire a water roller and roll. This according to Jon and Boo (who actually didn’t last long at rollering) was apparently very hard. Impounding Jon’s desire NOT to have a push along mower in the process.

Everyone can apply for a water exemption from watercorp when you install a new lawn.  Depending on the time of year as to how long. As we are in Autumn ours is for 35 days, but with us picking THE best time to install lawn. The Monday after install it rained.. and rained & well rained. So we switched ours off and didn’t apply for exemption until it stopped pouring! However we are alternating between on and off at present as its giving us decent amounts despite being well under normal for this time of the year yet again. BUT Boy does it love the stuff, Jon reckons its grown 15 mm in a week n a half! Which leads me nicely to my next paragraph.

Mowing! we knew we had to purchase one, we’ve looked. Jon has his mind set on a self drive / propelled mower of a petrol variety and hopefully with a large blade cutting width to reduce time spent mowing. Holy Crap they are expensive here.. a basic bottom of the range one starting at $699 and working its way up to stupid money. The general mowers sitting around the $1000-$1600 mark. Thats before we include edge trimmers etc etc.. So when my friend was moving she advertised for $30 a little electric one & I thought ‘well it will do, till we get one”! Well you should have seen his face when out the back of the car I pull a 13 inch electric Ozito push along mower. Still not owning one and having lawn……

We thought nothing more until on FB last weekend I happen to be trawling the buy n sell pages and up pops a petrol Masport self propelled mower.. $100.. Bangs SOLD on the page and we head to pick it up. Whilst its not going as it should, Jon’s quite happy that he can pay $100 and have a fiddle with it.. Much to the dismay of several other Keyboard Jockeys that missed out..*But thats another story! Anyways back at home the reason the self drive isn’t working is a simple belt dislodgement, The blades are shat , but out comes Jon with the grinder, a clean, re-oil, a fine tune and he’s as happy as Larry. We did end up in Bunnings later so he bought new blades, but that stands us at $30!! BARGAIN. He will be testing it out on Sunday, our lawns first haircut. 🙂IMG_6280

Its all getting there 🙂

catch ya x


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