Forgetful Flora..

Good Arvo folks,

This really will be brief 🙂  It was bought to my attention last week the I hadn’t included final pictures of the front or back garden.. Well DURRR, that was extremely clever Kate!! I despite being the author am not solely to blame, I started the Blog last Tuesday – continued it a bit Wednesday then sat back down to quickly rush it out before Jon came home what ever arvo I posted it? So with every good intention of rectifying it.. Its still taken me six days to sit back down and hunt out the photos. To be fair the weeks slipped by pretty quickly again, Long weekend this coming Friday to celebrate WA day. I however have been out to celebrate Makuru *(Noongar aboriginal season for June & July- being the season of fertility and the wettest and coldest of the calendar year ). This week is reconciliation week here and they were holding a smoking ceremony. Having not been to one before, I went down to Pinjarra for a watch, a yarn and some good bush tucker consisting of Roo stew, rice and damper bread. Fire is an integral part of aboriginal life. It heats, cooks food, clears away the dead bush for new fresh regrowth and Noongar believe it purifies & cleanses the soul.  There are various tribes all over Australia each with their own identity and traditions- The owners of the land around Pinjarra are the Noongars.

Anyhow the cultural education over back to the yard! I also forgot to mention my purchase of some great big Birds of Paradise plants *Strelitzia last week. A lovely lady from Ravenswood had dug her gigantic plant up and kindly advertised the considerably sized clumps on Mandurah plant pages.. Buying from a nursery they are on average 30cm high- so standing at 2 metres these are well matured! We have put 1 in the garden and 2 in pots to be placed by the pool after winter.P1140611 We didn’t mow the lawn last week, Jon wanted to give it another weeks worth of stabilising. A quick front, back and sides will be this weekend definitely -for the lawn and Jon 🙂  ITS SOOO LONG now.. Heres the back stretch of lawn.. The Bird of paradise is now planted just behind the trampoline against the back wall in photo one:

And for the front..IMG_3301and for good measure and just to make sure I have covered all bases this post.. another couple 🙂

So have a great weekend all, Jon and I are off to a jobs forum tonight with some local MPs. We are going to contribute our pennies worth to the pot. Thats if Jon gets home in time from work??           so catch ya x



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